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  1. ((Heck,if by tomorrow Crimson doen't reply,I say we continue on our own,Crimson can include his/herself whenever they decide to come back how's that sound?))
  2. ((Okay,here it goes,This should be like a mini Application : Name: Caymellow Mallow Gender: Female Power.Ability(s): White Magic,any magic that isn't bad/black magic Lil' bit O' info on OC: Caymellow is a shy introverted pegasus who has a soft voice and a never ending love for nature,and her loved one,Brangwen McDonegal,((is having 2 OCs in here okay?)) ))
  3. (((Woah woah woah,HALT! First of all,introduce your character,no one knows where this changeling has come from,or who he is,please,go back,introduce yourself into the RP and then lead up to your idea of what you want to do,okay? Please and Thank You,As I am not trying to be rude,but include you in the RP,with everypony else knowing who your OC is,so he is not just a stranger who hops out and stands close to my OC and says how hungry he is,okay? Understand? I am not trying to be rude,ignorant,or anything like that,please just understand what I am trying to say!)))
  4. we're not gonna take it,no we ain't gonna take it! love me some 80's music!

  5. (( Do we apply,and RP here,just wondering,cause I have a character that I could use ))
  6. "So,what would you all like to do?" Asked Caymellow,before flipping her mane from her right eye and fluttering her wings.
  7. ((I wonder when Crimson is going to reply...))
  8. ((Absolutely!!)) Caymellow nodded,then was taking up and outside. "Thank you for carrying me up those stairs,"Caymellow said as she hovered off of her back,then fell onto the ground,standing,she looked around,"It would be nice to get back home to all my family," She said quietly.
  9. "Well,nice to meet you Stormchaser," Caymellow nodded,closed her eyes and said.
  10. "Oh,nice,what's your name? Mine is Cay-eek,I mean Caymellow" Her voice slowly turned silent,"Hehe...sorry," So said in a hushed tone.
  11. "i am okay,and you?" Caymellow responded,then asked in a polite manner.
  12. ((Not sure how to respond to anything right now...or what is going on quite frankly,although I just read my last post and wanted to smack myself upaisde the head,"Yup!" How stupid of me...eh,I like being dumb Ouo )) Minyara yelled out,"Pegasus,yes,unicorn,no,earthpony...sort of!" She wasn't so sure if earlier Abundant had been speaking to her,so she just said what was on her mind,aloud,for everyone to hear,everyone...
  13. ((Sorry everypony! I was working on Dragoart,but now I am back for certain )) Caymellow's eyes opened,she had slept for,how long? she didn't know,and wanted to ask somepony,there,she saw Sapphire,sitting up quickly she rubbed her eyes with her hooves and asked,"How long had I slept for Sapphire,do you know?" Caymellow asked while feeling her side and wing,her wing had healed enough,that maybe she could fly,by chance,and her side was still stinging and tingly,she could live with that though,"Do you?"
  14. Caymellowed giggled inwardly,"I like sasparilla,it's tasty," She smiled,liking her licks then looking over at the other ponies who had joined them,"Oh,um...hello to you both..." she said quietly.
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