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  1. Anyone interested in a Hunger game type RP GO HERE!!!!!!!! http://www.canterlot.com/blog/443/entry-2539-future-diary-rp/

  2. Me and Killjoy are going to start a rp about future diary. Future Diary is an anime and beloved by me and killjoy so we are going to do an RP. If you know nothing about it I'm going to make the biggest spoiler at the end just incase people are interested in RPing and all that.You MUST be an active poster and not be upset to die as this is a sort of Hunger Game thing. (Everypony knows that right?) knowledge of the Anime is REQUIRED SPOILER TIME!!!!!!! So there's 12 people in the games and they are competing for the place of god of time and space. YOU WILL HAVE TO DIE AT SOME POINT!!!!!!!!! PEOPLE DIE OFF!!!!! Here's the wiki if you are super interested - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Future_Diary
  3. MyHarmony

    My Ponies and Banners

    My rp ponies that I drew myself then coloured on adobe bad but thats as good as they will get hehe
  4. I love future diary!!! Just had to say that. :3

  5. It's been a long time since I was on. I better get back to all this hehe I've been so busy!

  6. Oh hey karuma, how you been? *She smiles*
  7. Well I still have to choose the colours and then I've got to see it all. If I work none stop I should get it sorted by next week outfits ready and then I'll be up the castle. The best thing is I get to invite a few friends to come with me, I was wondering if you guys would like to come as I'm staying up there for a while until the party is ready. Princess Celestia also said my friends can stay at the castle. *she smiles and grabs another doughnut*
  8. *Harmony smiles sweetly and turns her head to the side and blushes* Well you better be good at training like you are with flirting hehe *she giggles to herself*
  9. Thinking of ideas, helping with fabrics and maybe being the one to try on the Prince outfits your the same size.
  10. *Harmony blushes as her white coat shines* T-thank you Angel but I'm not that good compared to some of my friends.
  11. I write songs and perform them every Saturday on the fountain out there. *she smiles and points to the fountain by the town hall* I sometimes go to the castle to perform too.
  12. That's really interesting we don't really get people to come here to train. They usually go up to Canterlot. *She smiled*
  13. I need new ideas for my pieces as I am making multiple outfits for the princesses and photo finish wants two pieces for her new model. I'm so stuck, could you help? *She gets out a pen and holds it in her mouth ready to write*
  14. Pleasure to meet you both. My name is Harmony Chaser, you two aren't from around here are you?
  15. Oh... Hello, are you okay? *Harmony looks at him and puts her work to the side*
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