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  1. "So tell us a little about yourself." White Cloud said to the pony as they sat back down in the both Cloud had came from. "What is your cutie mark story?"
  2. White Cloud sees a lone pegasus sitting alone, and he quietly asks Bluestreak to excuse him for a moment. White knows how it feels to be alone, and he decides to invite the Pegasus to join them. "Hello." said White Cloud quietly. "My name is White Cloud. Would you like to join us? There is plenty of room over at our booth for you to join us." White Cloud pointed with a raised hoof to the booth that held two more ponies.
  3. White Cloud picks up the headphones, a little hesitant of what he is about to hear. He places the headphones on his ears and presses play. After a moment of listening, he removes the headphones and places them back next to the pegasus. "It's not bad, but I prefer softer, more soothing music. I love to listen to Octavia and hear what new and exciting music she has created. I find her music so relaxing after a long day of working. I love to sit next to my fire and play her music as I read my books."
  4. "Hmmm..." White Cloud muses as he taps his glass. "I am afraid I have never heard of you. Sorry." White Cloud looks back to his almost empty glass, feeling bad that he has never heard of this pony.
  5. "Well..." White Cloud began, "I have always loved plants and flowers. Ever since I was a foal I have loved all of the colours and smells that come from them. I quickly found that I had a real way with plants and flowers and that I loved to plant them in places where many ponies would see them. I saw the joy that my flowers could bring to them, and I wanted to continue down that road because it made me so happy to see the other ponies so happy. That is when I got my mark, a single blooming red rose. My job current job is head gardener for Ponyville. I took over when Mr. Greenhooves got offered a position in Canterlot." White Cloud motioned towards the Pegasus. "What about you? What does your mark tell us about you?"
  6. White Cloud slowly lifted his hoof to the Pegasus's and shook it. "You can join us if you want. There is plenty of room." he said quietly as he grabbed his malt and scooted down the booth.
  7. Ok, can this one be changed to WiP so that I can use the [Ready] tag on my other application? I am currently filling out another app as I am writing this.
  8. I can try that. BTW, when will I be able to put up another OC I have for application? I believe this newer OC will better fit the parameters of WoE.
  9. As the other pony slips into the booth across from him, he hears another pony enter into the shop. Quickly glancing over he sees a pegasus enter and head over to the counter. White Cloud quickly looks back to his malt, and then looks up at the pony sitting across from him. Feeling very nervous, White Cloud quietly introduces himself, "M-My name is White Cloud."
  10. Ok, then I have to unfortunately remove White Cloud as a candidate. This is an OC that I have already established via my fanfic, and his backstory is what makes him who he is. If I remove those parts, he is going to become somepony completely different. I was hoping to find a place for him here, but it looks like this is not the case. Once I create a new OC then I will reapply. But until then, I guess White Cloud is off the table. Thank you for your time.
  11. It takes White Cloud a moment to see the pony talking to him. He had been so deep in thought that he was shocked that a pony would come over and talk with him. Nopony ever talked to him. White Cloud is hesitant at first, but he quietly says, "Sure, that's fine with me."
  12. White Cloud slowly trots in, glancing around nervously as he enters. He sees several ponies all enjoying their refreshments as he trots up to the counter and lays down two bits. "One Bubble Apple Berry, please." he says quietly to the pony behind the counter.
  13. White Cloud slowly trotted into Sugar Cube Corner after a long day of working in Ponyville's gardens. The day was rather warm, and after working outside he felt that maybe a nice malt would help to cool him off. It also might help to temporarily make him a little happier. As he trotted up to the counter, he saw Mr. Cake was manning the only pony around. "One chocolate malt, please." He said as he laid 2 bits on the counter. Mr. Cake nodded and began to make the drink. White Cloud looked around and saw nopony in sight other than Mr. Cake. It must be a slow day today. After a few minutes, Mr. Cake set White Cloud's malt on the counter and scooped up the two bits. He picked up his malt and headed over to a corner booth. As he sat down, his mind began to think about how lonely he was. If only I was more assertive, then I might have some friends. Oh, why do I have to be so shy?
  14. Sweet, thanks for the info ^_^ Also, here is the link to my story: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/84746/my-girl-fluttershy It is still a work in progress, but I am really enjoying writing it.
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