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Image Comments posted by QuickLime

  1. On 12/6/2017 at 10:26 PM, Halide said:

    Honestly, this face is a serious improvement over most of the full-side profile images you've done recently.  The horn is a bit askew, but I fully suggest you keep cranking out new poses and angles, it gives your drawings a lot more life.

    Thank you, it was a angle experiment and it ended up pretty well :D It IS askew, I shall try to line it up better.

  2. The coloring is really good, however you want to look at a reference for her anatomy, breasts are not spheres, they curve downwards, and should never be thicker than the waist :P

    Her pants have a lot  of good detail, but the edges are too solid, not frayed like jeans are, so it sort of looks like a diaper.

    Your shading is really good, and the linework clean as always :D but A reference really does help!

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