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  1. *blows so much dang dust off of account*

  2. It's been like 7 years, but remember me?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. MessageinaBottle


      I think it was Dashing Blade? The username used to be anonymousbrony.

    3. QuickLime


      Sorry my guy It's been like 3000 years

    4. MessageinaBottle
  3. How long can we expect Robbi to be banned for?
  4. The fires didn't kill me. just fyi!~ :D

  5. Life needs to calm down so I can get stuff done here x.x

  6. Would it be cool if I requested art of My Pony Cashmere?
  7. Uggh I'm sorry I dropped the ball on Pink Lady's Everfree adventure, I became an essential employee at my job, and am in charge of sanitizing and cleaning so I've been so tired :/

    1. RainbowFoxxy


      No worries! Thank you for battling the virus! 

  8. lookit that face! He knows he cute
  9. Dang it, work ate up all my time! PL'S EFA is cominnng


  10. Still kinda feels like he has no need to be on the trip, and I can't just see Pink Lady being cool with letting him tag along for free because, because
  11. If a rich pony showed up and said he'd work for free, that's a lil sus, because she's not a charity case and already has a relativity strong team, so yeah if you want to tweak the motivation to something more fitting, I'll consider your joining again
  12. I'd only be comfortable with that premis if an Applejack rper signed off on it, I don't just want assumed motives here, Not to mention Pink Lady is hiring people, and she's not about to just hire someone because AJ asked them to keep an eye on her. PL is a grown adult with her own business, so I can't see her willingly being babysat like a child.
  13. Okay no more dragging! Lol Pink Lady's everfree adventure coming SOON!

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