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  1. *pours one out for all the fallen soldiers*
  2. Truly, the inmates are running the asylum.
  3. What has two thumbs and is writhing in agony? This guy!
  4. I have no female friend who's like 'Hell yeah, I want me some kids.', but all of them what to be aunts.
  5. Rewatching Rick and Morty is always a good time. Don't be a moonman, kids.
  6. I thought you were baking liscenced Pacman ghost cookies.
  7. Did i suggest you watch Gumball, Rosie? I forgot.
  8. Yeah, a day without a hundred posts?! That is unheard of.
  9. I did not know that Rosie was into Android butts.
  10. This is the last game I ever got hyped for, it ruined pre-game release hype for me for good what with what a turd it was.
  11. The Saurian language with the random English words in the middle always reminds me of Japanese, and all the English words that got adapted into the language. I wonder if there was some kind of inspiration going on there with Rareware.
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