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  1. As she takes a deep breath Ice opens the door and steps in. "Gods, Bad you look absolutely terrible.." She says walking over to him, she looks him over as a deep feeling of worry and sorrow enveloping her. "Do you know how to stop this?" She asks curiously sitting by his side
  2. (Sorry last week or so has been pretty busy) Ice winces a bit at the hacking but steadies herself. "It's me, can I come in Bad?" She asks hopefully going to open the door.
  3. Ice bite her bottom lip and nodded "l'll go ahead and go see Bad, you two just stay here, conserve your energy Harmony." She says before running off towards Harmony's old room. As she arrives she knocks on the door trying to hold her composure as she waited for him to answer.
  4. Ice blushed a bit and looked away. "He is, is he?" She mutters before shaking her head and looking back to Nightly and Harmony with a smile. "Yeah lets do this, I'll do my best. Do you guys know where he went?"
  5. Ice glances over to the doors of the dining hall as they open up. Tilting her head a bit as she notices only Harmony and Nightly come in "You need my help? I'd be glad to, but do you really think I could do anything?" She inquires curiously "And Ice is fine Nightly, There's no need to be so formal~" She adds with a chuckle and nod to the other mare
  6. Ice sniffled and chuckled "Heh, pride I'd know a thing or two about that~ and thank you, both of you you're both good ponies in your own ways. But yeah, both Harmony and Bad mean a lot to me as friends."
  7. "well I'd like to say I know him well. Both him and Harmony have been great friends even if sometimes Bad doesn't like to show it. I know me and him spent a lot of time together after I broke up with my first marefriend." Ice explains ears going down as she stares at the ground. "I never told him at the time because he was already with your mom but I did have a bit of a puppy crush on him while he lived with us. Heh even after he would come visit me and.. my daughter.." She seemed a little choked up at the mention of her. Shaking her head she smiled back to Angel. "Sorry you don't need me getting all emotional right now."
  8. Ice chuckles a bit smiling down to the foals blushing a bit at the hottie part. "I doubt he thinks of me that way, I mean he already has your mom to be with, and don't worry about it, Harmony is a old friend I'm happy to help him, er them with whatever they need. Plus I've been in worse situations, with my brother being a hired gun." She replies laughing again. "Though I have to say, it's gonna be sad seeing you guys leave."
  9. Ice seemed a little distracted a first but after a bit snapped back and nodded "Yeah it really is, I hope everything goes well for them.." She replied hopefully
  10. Ice nods taking the foals and leading them into the dining room nearby. Though as she heard Nightly mentioned Bad staying with her a part of her felt... off? She didn't know why, shaking it off she looks down to the three. "Would you three like anything at all to eat while we wait for your parents to, um finish up in there?" She asks curiously smiling warmly to them
  11. Ice is a little taken aback herself by the sudden langue as well. "U-Uh Should I take the children somewhere else so you guys can talk things out?" She asks, unsure of what else to say or do in this situation.
  12. Ice steps forwards the puts her hoof on Bad's shoulder. "Hey let's not get violent okay Bad, let's just talk about what we need to talk about okay?" She replies rubbing his shoulder lightly.
  13. Ice follows the two of them out of the room, hearing Nightly's greeting she returned the smile and said "Hello~" She stands next to Bad and waits to see how this plays out
  14. As soon as they knock on the door they start to push open. The guards standing there look over Harmony and the others before tilting their heads curiously. "Master Harmony, we were unaware that you stepped out?" They say before moving aside. "Hm I think we should go meet them downstairs, I'm sure the guards are already letting him in." Ice replies walking towards the door out of the room.
  15. Ice happily returns the hug, though as she does the mare can't help but blush. She pulls him in a bit closer holding him tight. She hadn't realized it until now but she had really missed Harmony, both of them. After a bit she breaks the hug still smiling but a light blush set on her muzzle "S-so, shall we get to looking?"
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