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Luna-centric Crossover Adventures

Stainless Steel Fox

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I would like to do some sort of adventure story where Princess Luna takes centre stage, as the leader of a group of adventurers, but the twist is, she's the only one from Equestria.

I have various ideas of how to bring them together, and what the quest would be, possibly find a way back to their home dimensions, as in my fic Cutie Mark Adventurers.

I have two ideas about the content of the group, one would be, someone's collecting magical Lunas, so you get Princess Luna, Usagi Tsukino and Luna Lovegood as an adventuring party. This would also have a B plot about a Rescue party from Equestira, probably including the mane six, going through the various home dimensions in search of Luna.

The alternate would be an equine adventuring party. Luna would obviosuly be the arcane caster (Wizard/Sorceress). You'd have characters like Pegasus from Hercules (Ranger/Scout), Maximus from Tangled (Fighter), maybe Angus from Brave (Barbarian), maybe even Donkey from Shrek (Rogue/Bard). I'd like another female, prefereably a unicorn, but the only one I can think of is Almathea from The Last Unicorn (Druid). Can anyone think of any others, or have any ideas of their own about this?

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