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FedoraSNESGuy's music videos


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[colour=#0000ff]Hmmmmm... OK, so I have no idea when exactly he did this or how long it took him but I really do like these music videos that he made. I also helped with one of them on a weekend but whateverahhh.... As I was saying, FedoraSNESGuy works all the time on music videos and animation projects of different types and they're pretty impressive, considering he's only using the program Videopad to do it. Here's the catch; He doesn't have enough time online to do anything but nap a few clips and sound bites, so he can't upload or even join this site. So I, with his permission and with specific instructions, will post them on his behalf so that you will hopefully enjoy his work![/colour]

[colour=#0000FF]This first video is a representation of "Friends Will Be Friends" by Queen,[/colour]


[colour=#0000FF]THIS video was made first but I got instructed to show it second,[/colour][colour=#0000FF] [/colour]


[colour=#0000FF]I d[/colour][colour=#0000FF]on`t have any more because I don`t know how to get videos that big posted on here...[/colour]

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