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My Little Assassin(MLP and Assassin's Creed)


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Only 2-3 actual Assassin ponies.

If you wish to do anything smut related, please not in this topic.

It does not matter if you are Mare, Stallion or a foal.

Only one Unicorn, and Pegasus as Assassin's.

I would like this to at least be PG to PG 13.

1 or 2 paragraphs per reply.

No spamming.

No bullying.







If yes, outfit?:

Cutie Mark:

Home Town: (Hoofington, New Hoof City)



Name: Twinkle Star (or just Star)

Age: Almost 3 years.

Gender: F

Specie: Unicorn

Assassin?: Yes

If yes, outfit?: Black with green on the inside

Cutie Mark: Bow and Arrow

Home Town: Hoofington (forest area)

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