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Finally, some songs!


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Hey guys, I finally got a good recording program and thought I'd post some of the stuff I've done.

This first one's an original with myself and another brony on Ultimate Guitar named Necrosis called Sonic Rainboom.


This other one's an instrumental thrash metal cover of Cupcakes.


New content! Cupcakes with vocals!


Wow, I've got a lot of time on my hands. New stuff already!


I got some more in the works, I'd appreciate some feedback.

Edit: click the soundcloud button when making a post to have your music streamable on the post. ~ Artax

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The first one is pretty eclectic, but works out well in the end. ROEne.jpg

I really liked the second one! It certainly did resemble 80s thrash!

Very nice! jaolo.jpg

Thanks! The second one, like I said, is going to have vocals once I get some alone time (There's going to be some screaming) so people won't think I've gone insane screaming about cupcakes. :)

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