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[Lore] Everfree Forest


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The Everfree Forest - Where Nopony Dares to Tread




Little is known about the origins of the Everfree Forest. Some ponies believe the forest was cursed by Nightmare Moon. Others think it's some remnant from when Discord ruled. All anypony knows for sure is that the forest is a dark and frightening place, with strange creatures and plants that are not found anywhere else.


Travelers that have ventured through the forest say that it is nearly always dark, no matter what time of day it is. Clouds form and winds blow, all without any weather ponies to direct it. Even the seasons change on their own. These peculiarities alone make most ponies avoid the area entirely. There are no towns within Everfree, and very, very few ponies would even think of living there.


Though ponies do not live within Everfree, that is not to say that the forest is uninhabited. The Everfree teems with life, much of it the same animals and plants that would live in any other forest. However, the Everfree is also home to many strange and dangerous species: manticores, cockatrices, timber wolves, and even gigantic Ursas dwell within the forest, while the low-lying Froggy Bottom Bog houses beasts favoring its peat-infested waters. The strangeness is not limited to the fauna either; Everfree Forest is the only place where the Poison Joke flower is known to grow. This flower seems to have magical properties that allow it to play 'jokes' on ponies that stumble into its blue petals. The Everfree is also the original home of the famed Zap Apple trees, famous as the source of Zap Apple Jam.


Even though ponies stay away from the Everfree at all costs, there is evidence to suggest that once, ponies did live in the area. Deep in the heart of the forest lies the Castle of the Royal Pony Sisters. Built sometime before Nightmare Moon's banishment, the castle now lies in ruins, abandoned to the wild elements. Nopony knows why the castle was built there, nor why it was abandoned, save perhaps for the Princesses themselves.


As the entire Everfree Forest remains uncharted, there are undoubtedly numerous surprises waiting in store for those ponies brave or foolish enough to venture deep inside. In some respects, those who know what they're doing have every chance of leaving the dark words unscratched. On the contrary, those ponies who fail to treat the Everfree as the dangerous place it is may find themselves forever lost in the dreaded forest, never to return.....

~Canterlot Research Journal

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It is now widely known that in a cave beneath the Castle of the Royal Pony Sisters once grew the Tree of Harmony. Planted over a thousand years ago by the Pillars of Old Equestria as a means to defend their land, it was no ordinary plant, its trunk and branches made of living crystal. Infused with the elemental power possessed by each Pillar, the Tree of Harmony gave life to both the Elements of Harmony and — a millennium later — the Castle of Friendship.

While its physical form has recently been shattered, the Tree of Harmony’s spirit endures. It is still very much capable of manifesting itself in both the Material World and Dreamscape, and has used its power — in conjunction with the Magic of Friendship wielded by its Students — to transform its remains into a crystalline treehouse within the Royal Castle.

As for the abandoned Castle itself, restoration efforts are currently underway and have been for some time, although progress has been slow. It does not help that for the most part, the Everfree Forest remains an overgrown, untamed, and monster-infested wilderness.

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