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I'm doing a brony song, "Outcasts" (don't ask, it was originally not to have anything to do with MLP) and I'm going to need some more people to get the song out. I still need about 6 vocalists and a cover artist. You'll all get credit if you participate. Just PM me if you have any questions about the song or would like to sign up.

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If I may recommend calling it 'Outkasts'? :3

I personally can't sing. ^^; My voice is deep, and on top of that, I think I have a speech impediment.

Though, there are many singers here on Canterlot.

I do have a few in mind, but what do you mean by 'Cover Artist'?

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OH, psh... that makes MUCH more sense. XD

I thought you meant like a musical cover artist. You know, one that sings based off songs from others.

Umm. I can't really recommend myself. Try searching for the gallery for artwork that you like and ask them!

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