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[Lore] Gallopocus Islands


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The Gallopocus Islands - Here Be Harmony Infested Waters


South of the Equestrian Maneland, the famed Gallopocus Islands jut out from the crystal-blue Sparkling Sea. The product of unrelenting geologic processes, the volcanoes of this archipelago have been known to spew lava and ash during the occasional eruption. However, that doesn't stop the Gallopocus from serving as one of the top vacation hotspots in the world.


Biologists hypothesize that over the course of countless years, fauna from both Equestria and Unyasi drifted across the Sparkling Sea to settle the region island by island. Cut off from their lands of origins, these remarkable plants and animals developed unique evolutionary traits not found anyplace else in the known world. It’s no surprise then that eco-tourists come to the islands to get a chance to explore these ecosystems. Then of course there are the bountiful coral reefs found all over the shallow waters of region, inhabited by untold varieties of colorful fish and other creatures.


The islands themselves drastically range in size, from imposing Thunderhooves Island to diminutive atolls that impede nautical navigation. In contrast to the barren coral-made atolls, the big islands feature black volcanic beaches and groves of palm trees all throughout the entire. Volcanic soil is just about one of the most productive types of soil that exists, and pony and zebra farmers have taken advantage of this to create highly productive plantations for coffee, tea, sugar, and other crops that can’t be grown easily outside tropical climates.


Most ponies and other beings who visit the Gallopocus Islands are vacationers; the native population being considerably thinly dispersed throughout the archipelago. The most populated island, Thunderhooves Island, features the resort town of Corralwood Corral which is almost entirely built around tourism. All throughout the year, cruise liners from Baltimare and elsewhere make their way here to offload tourists, who’ll then spend the next few days playing in the tropical surf or buying exquisite souvenirs. Each night, the sound of merrymaking can be heard throughout Corralwood Corral.


Thunderhooves Island has lain dormant for some time now, but its younger sister to the north, Fire Foal Island, has undergone constant eruptions for last century or so. Each day and night, lava spews from the fiery cauldron on the summit down towards the sea, where lava flows and crashing waves craft a spectacle of steam for those who dare approach by sea. As a matter of fact, Fire Foal had once played host to a huge gathering of dragons until a couple years ago, when they all migrated to the Dragon Peaks deep in Equestria’s interior. Dragons or not though, Fire Foal Island serves as a friendly reminder that Mother Nature is never something to be taken lightly....

~Hitchhiker's Guide to Equestria

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