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[Lore] Ponyville


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Ponyville - A Town Built on Friendship and Hard Work




As far as most ponies are concerned, Ponyville is but a small dot on the map that is a stone’s throw away from the sparkling spires of Canterlot. Aside from bordering the shadowy Everfree Forest, there is nothing to distinguish Ponyville as anything other than a little provincial town filled with little ponies. While the simple ways of the town’s residents may seem quaint at times, those who live here derive immense satisfaction from the simple things in life; things like family, friendship, and good-tilled earth.


For countless generations, nopony ever sought to settle the narrow strip of grassland between the thick Whitetail Wood and the forbidding Everfree Forest. What would become Ponyville began only about a century ago when Princess Celestia granted some land in the area to a family of earth ponies, who desired someplace to settle down and found an apple orchard. When their land started rewarding the nascent Apple family with tremendous bounties, a number of other farmers throughout Equestria followed suit and settled nearby. Soon enough, these settlers banded together to found the settlement of Ponyville on the banks of the Bucephalus Brook.


To this day, Ponyville remains a cozy grassy town of mostly old style half-timbered houses. Outside the town center, farms and pockets of trees occupy the arable land in almost every direction. Even with agriculture dominating the local economy, anyone could establish conceivably any type of small business and expect to succeed if they take the time to win rapport from the townsponies. For those content with a quiet life of doing the one thing they’re good at while bonding with their friendly neighbors, they can find a fulfilling life in Ponyville.


In the time that Ponyville has been in existence, the town’s residents have already developed a rich array of lively group-oriented traditions. Like many other rural communities, every townspony is invited to participate in large-scale seasonal transitional events like the Summer Harvest Festival, the Running of the Leaves and Winter Wrap-Up. Due to the belief that mere efficiency is meaningless compared to teaching ponies they can accomplish anything through backbreaking work and sheer determination, the use of ‘clutches’ like fancy machinery and unicorn magic is strongly discouraged in such occasions. As the old saying goes; “No pain, no gain.”

~Hitchhiker's Guide to Equestria

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Ponyville’s star continues to rise! The magic of the Tree of Harmony has given birth to a crystalline tree-castle growing on the shore of a lake outside of town. Used by Princess Twilight Sparkle as her home and personal archive, the Castle of Friendship shines as a monument to the power of Harmony. Perhaps its more remarkable feature is the Throne Room, where six crystal thrones are gathered around an illusionary map-table of Equestria. It is in this chamber where the Friends of the Round Table confer with one another, and are bestowed Friendship problems to solve by the Cutie Map.

On the opposite side of the lake from the castle stands the even-newer Ponyville School of Friendship. Founded by Princess Twilight, the School’s mission is to pass down the lessons she and her friends have learned to future generations of creatures from all over the world. Unique to other schools governed by the Equestrian Education Association, Friendship professors are given wide latitude to provide non-conventional teaching methods, such the use of live animals or party cannons. Despite initial controversies, the School of Friendship’s proven success in its goal thus far have earned it the distinction of being the only EEA-accredited institution granted the distinction of not having to teach “by the book”.

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