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Naj [Ready]


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Name: Naj/'Spring Breeze'

Gender: Female

Age: Young Mare

Species: Changeling/'Pegasus'

Eye Colour: Solid cyan with white pupils (as typical for drones)/'Cyan'

Character Colour: Black carapace/'Maroon coat'

Mane/Tail/Other: Indistinguishable from any other changeling drone in her natural form, save for a large scar running down the inside of her right foreleg/'Ragged, Dark blue mane and tail'

Physique: Fairly average build, if a little on the small side. Somewhat gaunt for the time being, due to current difficulties with finding regular food.

Residence: No permanent residence, currently resides in Ponyville regularly though prone to moving around

Occupation: Vagrant/looking for work

Cutie Mark: NA/'Blue markings resembling a gust of wind'

Unique Traits: Naj is reasonably well versed in unarmed combat and evasion techniques, as well as a little general disguise skills as a result of her initial infiltrator training. However, as the training was incomplete, Naj lacks knowledge and experience and is likely to create a flawed or incomplete disguise or cover story.

Her preferred disguise is a red-coated, blue-maned pegasus identity she named 'Spring Breeze'


Naj began life as most changelings do, deep within the hive. From an early She had a knack for improvisation, which would have found her a place as an infiltrator if not for an unfortunate tendency to be curious. Regarded as a potential risk should she become an infiltrator, Naj was assigned to be a soldier, a role just as important if less interesting and a role she performed without complaint or incident.

That was until the attempted invasion of Canterlot, which ended in disaster despite early successes. The aftermath of the attack left the the changeling force scattered and disorganized, with various groups of changelings attempting to regroup without proper guidance. Stranded alongside one such group, Naj took the initiative and attempted to lead them back to the hive.

Her attempts resulted in disaster. Her inexperience with command, combined with her natural tendencies resulted in the group taking a number of unnecessary risks. One by one, changelings were were lost to royal guard pursuit or the wilderness, until only Naj remained.

She was welcomed as a survivor, until she made her report. It was decided that despite good intentions, Naj was ultimately responsible for those losses. Her punishment would be exile.

Essentially disowned by the hive, Naj had a choice between starving, or heading into ‘civilized’ Equestria. After some contemplation, she eventually chose to head in the direction of Ponyville. Based on the stories she’d heard about the place she didn’t really want to end up there, she imagined it would be the best place to avoid the presence and activities of other changelings (funny how that worked out…), and hopes that an isolated drone might pass unnoticed where a larger operation would draw some seriously unwanted attention.

Character Summary:

Naj’s personality is an unusual mix of friendly and guarded. As a changeling, she makes an effort to be approachable while in disguise, as not actually being an infiltrator it’s the only way Naj knows how to regularly get food. Her natural curiosity applies to the ponies and culture of Equestria as well, and as such she also enjoys the meeting new (and preferably unusual) ponies for it’s own sake.

However, being a changeling also causes Naj to avoid talking about herself as much as possible, and even then she only speaks in the vaguest terms. Not only would be an immediate it risk her safety, and the piece of mind of those she generally spends time around these days, but it is a source of personal shame for her.

Naj isn’t afraid of fighting, and will readily call on her skills as a former soldier when there’s a threat that can’t just be avoided. However she generally finds it a better idea to avoid fighting where possible, whether by seeming harmless or escaping the situation altogether. As Naj is essentially on her own, and deep within what is potentially hostile territory, even winning an immediate conflict may result in severe consequences shortly down the line.

Of course, as she never truly was an infiltrator much of her approach consists of whatever she can come up with on the fly, which can only work for so long. Sooner or later her inexperience will catch up to her, and all of a sudden she’ll find herself in a situation she can’t hide or talk her way out of anymore.

Finally, she has a strong sense of loyalty, though at the moment it has no object. As such, she won’t reveal any sensitive information about her former hive, though beyond that she takes her banishment seriously and makes no attempt to actually help them in an effort to avoid inserting herself into their affairs.

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