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DusK's Brony Music Thread (Mostly Metal)


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So, turns out I haven't made a thread here on Canterlot for my pone stuff. So, here it is! I'll be updating this post and bumping as new tracks come out.

You may notice some difference in volume on the YouTube uploads for all tracks released before this year. This is because, up until December 2013, I used Windows Movie Maker to prep tracks for YouTube. All MP3 downloads have generally consistent mastering.

"Pinkie Pie's Evil Enchantress Song (Metal Version)" (10/14/2012)

"Smile Song (Metal Cover)" (10/17/2012)

"So Many Wonders (Pop-Punk Cover)" (11/04/2012)

"Clear the Skies! (Theme of Rainbow Dash)" (11/14/2012)

"Babs Seed (Metal Cover)" feat. Corralfur (11/25/2012)

"Becoming Popular (Metal Cover)" feat. Corralfur (12/12/2012)

"Becoming Popular (Acoustic/Orchestral Cover)" feat. Corralfur (12/25/2012)

"Winter Wrap Up (Metal Cover)" feat. Corralfur (03/04/2013)

"I've Got to Find a Way (Metal Cover)" (06/13/2013)

"Find a Pet Song (Metal Cover)" (07/22/2013)

"This Day Aria (Metal Cover)" (02/20/2014)

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