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Earth Pony


Hyjinx: Female, Mare, Character Profile

Character Summary

Hyjinx is a very confident Mare. She specializes in a certain kind of magic, and due to this fact she feels more proud of herself when comparing her ideals to others. If her abilities ever come into question she will surely show them off. She believes in her abilities as a thief, and has no reason to think anypony knows about what she does in her spare time.

Hyjinx was a pony that has developed a certain love for herself. When given the option she will take that which puts her in the better position. This self-confidence is also what leads her to continue her ideals as a thief, and always wanting more and more to add into her repertoire.

Hyjinx has two motivations in life: her first is to master her shadow magic. She wants to master this kind of magic as it would allow her to do whatever she wanted to in the world, and as long as another equally powerful, or more powerful being wasn't around. Then no one could stop her. She wishes to become a powerful unicorn in order to do whatever she wishes in life. The other is learning the origins of Dark Magic. The idea behind the power of Dark Magic gives her an idea of what she could work towards when achieving her own magic. She wishes to be a powerful unicorn and the strength behind King Sombra gives her the strength to continue through her studies.

As a pony, Hyjinx is intelligent, Arrogant, and overconfident. There is a stride to her step that gives off a step of elegance, as her taste in anything is rather refined. There is a day in her mind in which she wishes to be the dark princess walking down the aisle, looming down over her subjects in a beautiful dress, ordering them all to give her things and stuff of theirs because she wishes to have everyone’s things and stuff. This is an image in her dreams and would one day like to achieve such power.

During her times of relaxation, Hyjinx would spend her time reading fiction. There wasn't too much that could peak her interests than a good novel. It was a way for her imagination to soar, giving her new ideas and even greater aspiration to practice her abilities in light magic to create illusions.


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Sleet Shock: Male, Young Colt, Character Profile,

Character Summary

Sleet is a hard working Pegasi, always focused on the task at hand. There are times where he is a little too focused on the task at hand, and ignores all outside interactions. When he is in this extreme point of focus it requires the touch or a loud noise to get him out of this trance. When working he is very dedicated, and will go to no bounds to get his task complete. However even he would get tired from flying through such harsh weather, and when he`s not on the job he is rather relaxed. He enjoys listening to the records that he can get his hooves on, and when he`s not busy with one of his jobs for the day he will just be sitting in his main room listening to his calming music.

One thing that he finds frustrating is a pony who keeps asking the same question over and over. As much as repetition is the key to a successful job well done, three’s nothing that bugs him more than somepony asking him about how long the trip is going to take. He usually expects that travellers know how long their trips are going to take, and upon being asked he tends to get a little irritable.

He tends to be a bit bashful, as he just sees himself as a very durable pony. He would thank his mother’s gene’s to that respect. But whenever it comes to a compliment he will simply brush it off, as he doesn’t see himself as too special of a pony to deserve such praise. He is mainly looking for some people to be friends with after all, no reason to put him on any pedestal.

When dealing with other ponies, it comes rather easy for Sleet to trust them. HE usually holds others in a rather high light, and although he does not result to praise very often he would be willing to put his trust in others should they be doing good actions that he can either see or hear of. With his level of trust it also comes with a level of distrust, which is rather hard for him to develop in others. It would take actions rather evil for him to really consider you much more than an annoying friend, and as such would try to be friends with as many people as possible. It comes with the trait of being born and raised in a vacation town.

When dealing with a pony at first meeting, he will act calm, relaxed, and do his best to get his usual happy greeting off. He wants to give a pleasant expression from the get go, as that’s usually the best way to deal with the various folks throughout Equestria.

The image included is an older design, and one question that I've had concerning technology in Equestria that I can never really seem to find the perfect answer to. Going by the rules of the forum I am willing to assume that technology like mp3 players and the like are not going to be allowed in this scenario? If that is the case then those can just be the earmuffs that he uses whilst travelling.


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