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Starflower's Music Thread


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Well, I'm not much of a musician pony myself, but I still like to make nice sounds. :3

So I thought I'd start a thread with some of my pony-themed music. I'll update it again if I ever end up making anything new. For now, here's what I've got.

I go by the moniker of Starflower for music (some of you may remember my character Starflower, which is in no way related to the G1/G3 Starflower, if only in name).


Pony Dreams (Pinkie's Rest 14x)


The Night Will Last Forever [a Nightmare Moon-themed piece]


1,000 Year Exile [this one is probably my favourite so far. Ambient organ, woot! ]


Jazz Improvisation (featuring Octavia and Frederic Horseshoepin)


Red Sky at Morning (I Love You Rainbow Dash) [The title says it all, hehe]

Well, I'd love to hear from you ponies, to see what you think of these humble offerings. They're not amazing, but I think they do sound nice. :3

P.S. By the way, I'd recommend listening to all of these with headphones.

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