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Parody of SkullCrusher Mountain(Based on Cupcakes)


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So I wrote a parody of Jonathan Coulton's "Skullcrusher Mountain" that I call "Sugar Cube Corner". Key word is wrote; my mic is complete balls, so I can't sing it for you guys. But honestly, you wouldn't want to hear a pubescent voice doing a poor impression of Pinkie Pie singing about capturing and murdering Rainbow Dash, would you?

By the way, this isn't for fillies and colts, since it is based on Cupcakes. Also, is it just me, or should Cupcakes have a Comedy tag on Equestria Daily? That fic is funny. "Why do they call it a hacksaw?"

Here's the original song, for those unfamiliar with it...

The instrumental version...


And the new lyrics...


I hope this is allowed; I know It's not technically a music, but all the pieces are there; lyrics, music, rhythm...all it needs is a singer. So it's music! And...it goes here! And it's disturbing!

If you're wondering what made me make this, why Cupcakes, why JoCo...

Well, one person made Portal 2's "Want you gone" into a song about Cupcakes...and then someone else followed it up with a "Still Alive" takeoff. Since both of those are Jonathan Coulton sons, and Portal 3 hasn't come out yet, and both of those were claimed to be pieces of a "Cupcakes Musical"...A Musical with 2 songs is lame, right? So add more!

If I had a mic that wasn't complete horse apples and recording software that wasn't just as horse appley, I'd sure as hay be giving my best shot at singing it. Even if it sounded awful.


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