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The truth about Hearths Warming eve (A head cannon)


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(This is an In-character head cannon from my Griffon scribe character Gregory! Feel free to discuss or tel me where I'm dreadfully wrong LOL)


It's that time of year again! All the ponies are making dolls to put by the fireplace, munching candy and getting ready for Hearth's warming eve. Personally, I celebrate Griffonica, but I do occationally go to a Hearth's Warming eve pagent, since I like theature. Being a historian I'm a bit picky about the simplification of what is a very complex story. Most of the historical inaccuracies deal with the characters, so let's take a look:

Princess Platinum: She was a hoity-tooth type, and very spoiled if her letters are any indication, so they got that right. Also, she was known to slip on her crown on upside-down (it was ill-fitting and slipped off her head so she often flipped it upside-down) The main thing they get wrong is that Princess Platinum never traveled to Equestria untill it was founded, she sent an expedition lead by Hemitite of Prestia whom I guess was jus a bit too boring for the play (Trust me this guy was a serious bore). The idea that she took the journey herself is actualy from an old folk song meant to make FUN of the prissy little princess. She was a symbol of unicorn aristocracy of the time, and the song was funny, hence her being included in the play.

Clover the Clever: Yes, Clover the Clever was a student of Starswirl the Bearded, and he did live in Unicornia but he also never went on the trip to Equestria, as he was very very old when Princess Platinum Made Hematite go to what would be Equestria. Some historians argue they never even met, but they did correspond. Also, let's address the fact that despite some of these characters are stallions in real history, but are traditionally played by mares.

Chancellor Puddinghead: Yes, he was real. Lotsa ponies think he was made up but he was in fact a real administrator In the old Earth pony Hegemony. He was a real renesanse stallion too, despite the fact he wasn't properly educated (as many earth ponies of the time) he invented the screw press, a new kind of water pump, and popularized crop rotation. He also is the one who first used the term "Earth Pony" in print, though the term was popular before he wrote it down. He DID in fact journey to Equestria, and he DID constantly get lost; A navigator he was not. The play gets him fairly correct, though I doubt he wore that silly hat.

Smart Cookie: She was Puddinhead's Niece, and his personal assistant. Not much is known about her aside from that. She was on the expedition as well, and was recorded as almost starving to death with the rest of them when Puddinhead took one of his infamous wrong turns. She's described physically only once by Princess Platinum of all ponies, who said of her "A combley but bulky mare, tawny of coat and fair of mane". There's no evidence she was smarter than the rest of them, however.

Commander Hurricane: The Pegasi were not quite as warlike as they're made out in the play, but Commander Hurricane was every bit as bull-headed as the play depicts. Along the way to Equestria she "Liberated" several Diamond Dog villiages and pillaged wagonloads of gems from them. Her Journal records that she "Sought the enemy at every turn" even though the Pegasi weren't at war with anyone. No record of her attacking clouds though.

Private Pansy: Interesting one here, while Hurricane had many privates with her on the expedition, none of them were named Pansy. She also had a number of personal staff, scribes, quartermasters, bodyguards, and servants (She even ha a personal cook) who were all Privates but again: None named Pansy. The first time we ever see any trace of Private Pansy in history was from a biography of Commnder Hurricane written by Bookworth almost a hundred moons later. It's possible she was real, or a conglomeration of several real-life ponies, it's hard to tell. In this Griffon's opinion, Commander Hurricane would never have somepony so cowardly in her personal staff, and she was likely a monstly-fictional comic foil for the hard-boiled commander.

Well, there it is. Even though some Liberties have been taken with history, I still really enjoy the Hearths Warming Even pageant when I go. If the play was 100% historically accurate it would be nine hours Long and not nearly as fun! So hey I get it! Enjoy the holidays ponies and if anyone else celebrates Griffonica, or you're just curious about the holiday, I'll be making a traditional Griffon plum cake and fry bread and anyone is welcome in my hut!

-Gregory Griffon

Addendum: Litte known fact: Chancelor Puddinghed had a Griffon Servent named Galena on his expedition with him! Who knew? According to his journal he ran out of gold to pay her halfway though the journey and Galena stole a flask of rum and flew off, she was never heard from again. Sounds like a griffon to me! ;)

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