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A little one-shot that I came up with. Nothing too spectacular happens here, mainly just some attempts at character development. Hopefully all this is worth the read! Don't be afraid to leave some feedback if you have any comments or criticisms!


The ceaseless ticking of a clock and the steady breathing of two people are all that break the major silence of Canterlot High's nurse's office. One of the two being the ailed Sunset Shimmer as she's spread on her back on a decently comfortable, bed-like resting area of the office. Her boots stripped from her as they stand beneath the foot of the bed, while on her right side is the majorly dark figure of the male whom had brought her in. He carries on in silence while tending to her most recent injury: a twisted ankle, in which he received a pack of ice from the nurse to then apply for Sunset. Throughout the moment, she couldn't help but constantly observe the young man with pity for both him and herself. His determined blue gaze and nearly pale skin suit him perfectly, yet he hides it beneath the shroud of black that is his long coat. This boy, who works tirelessly to treat her injury when she is clearly undeserving of such kindness, even at the risk of ditching class and getting into major trouble. She's tried to convince him to leave her in the office, but there was no deterring him in that moment. Thus causing the air of silence that lingers between them now. That is, until she finally speaks up minutes later.

"You know, I.. I don't remember getting your name," she says. Such easily catching the male's attention as he looks over at her.

"It's Thoren," he says in a somewhat low but youthful voice.

"Thoren.. what?" Sunset raises an eyebrow.

"It's just Thoren."

"Oh... I see. Well, I'm Sunset Shimmer."

Thoren pauses to process the name, and soon nods. "Sunset.. I like that. But you seem bothered by something."

"No, not really," Sunset sighs, "It's just.. I wanted to properly thank you. This was really nice of you, and I really mean that, so... Thank you, Thoren."

He returns her gaze in acknowledgment, then resumes his focus on the task at hand. After a long pause, he finally responds, "...I know what it's like to have to suffer alone, with not a single person to come to you when you're most in need. I've learned to carry on without someone's help, but I never liked it... I don't want that for you. No one should have to suffer that way." Thoren sighs as well, "I guess what I mean is.. you're welcome, Sunset. I couldn't just leave you to limp your way here."

In that moment, Sunset seems at a loss for words... and only further convinced that the whole major black getup doesn't suit him at all. Not to mention she feels quite foolish in ever being frightened of the young man in the first place. Though her train of thought is cut off by the sudden knocking on the door-frame at the office's exit.

The cause of the knocking is none other than the Principal herself. One whom Thoren instantly recognizes as he turns to face the source of the sound. He easily recognizes the natural flow of the many colors in her long hair, but it is Sunset that speaks first. "Principal Celestia.."

"Is there a problem?" Thoren follows up. His blue eyes regard the woman expectantly.

"Oh, not at all," Celestia waves it off, "Though, I do want to see Thoren in my office. Don't worry, he's not in trouble. I just need to speak with him."

"But.." Thoren does a slow double-take of Sunset Shimmer and the Principal. The former sighing in relief that there's supposedly no trouble, while the latter smiles and gently chuckles in response to his internal struggle.

"You know that we have a school nurse for a reason, right?" Celestia reminds him. "I don't choose my staff for nothing. While I do commend your loyalty, I have full confidence that the nurse can take it from here."

Thoren takes one last look at Sunset, and lets out a breath; but then Sunset herself sits up to place a hand on his arm. She chimes in with a smile, "Don't worry, Thoren. She's right. I'll be fine. Besides, I'm not even in much pain anymore because of your help. The nurse probably doesn't need to do all that much now. So you don't need to worry so much. Still, again, thanks," she pats Thoren's shoulder. "I'll see you around, okay?"

Her short speech would gradually lift Thoren free of his conflict, but his sense of compassion remains in his expression. "Alright. Take care, Sunset."

"You too."

Principal Celestia only smiles warmly as the moment progresses, and perfectly reads the atmosphere to where all she needed was to simply begin exiting the room. Exactly as she'd expected, without even needing to call for him, Thoren follows accordingly while waving to his new friend on the way out.


"Come, have a seat. I'll be with you shortly," the Principal beckons Thoren through the door to her office, and gestures to a single arm-less chair in front of her desk. Without question, he complies. After doing so, he would take the single moment of silence to give every facet of the room a first glance: from the two bookcases, to the calendar on the back wall, to the wooden desk that bears a depiction of the sun and moon. Even the dark red carpet beneath him gets a small glance; until finally, he would look behind him to witness Celestia pulling down the blind in front of the glass window on the door. Such begging the question of exactly what it is that she needs to discuss, and why it must be so private.

Fortunately, it seems that his questions would be answered in due time as she seats herself with her elbows on her desk, and her fingers gently locked together as she finds her words. "Now... as you might be aware," Celestia begins, "Every beginning of a class period begins with the taking of attendance. The roster is then able to be viewed and verified by the office staff and myself. The reason I'm telling you this is quite simple: you have been marked absent, when we both know you shouldn't have been. Why, I saw you earlier this morning on campus, so I know that to be impossible. And so, I set out to find you... and of all places, I find you in the nurse's office, tending to a fellow student's injury." She sighs. "Thoren, I hope you realize how risky a move like that is. You could very easily have gotten into a lot of trouble."

"And I would've accepted every ounce of it," Thoren crosses his arms as he regards the Principal. His tone holding firm.

"Excuse me?" Celestia raises an eyebrow.

"I would rather get in trouble for doing the right thing, than to be rewarded for doing the wrong thing. I was there in the very moment that Sunset Shimmer tripped up and twisted her ankle. There is absolutely no way that I would continue on and be known as the guy that let someone suffer just so he could get to class. You guys can do whatever you want to me. I will never stoop so low as to abandon my friends for any reason." Thoren's resolve resonates through every word of his monologue. His blue gaze unwavering as he regards the Principal. "I will not be shamed for helping someone."

A very long pause ensues as the Principal is left with an initial state of pure shock. Her eyes widen for the last portions of the young man's response; mostly because of how unexpectedly passionate and determined it is, and above all, honest.

In no time at all, her look of shock is replaced with one of true understanding. It all starting with a smile. "No.." she shakes her head, "No, you will not be shamed for it. Especially not by me. It hasn't even been five minutes, and you've managed to impress me. I can already tell you'll get along just fine with the students of my school. In fact, you're well on your way with Sunset Shimmer."

"Er.." Thoren stutters at first; he seeming to be completely caught off-guard at first, as if he were expecting a completely different outcome, if not the polar opposite. "...You think so?"

"I know so," Celestia says matter-of-factly, "In fact..." she pauses, and during such a pause, she begins to look him over. She examines every facet of him, from his hair and cross-bangs, to his skin and black coat that covers most of his white shirt, save for its middle section; and of course, she'd finally settle on his eyes, but hardly with just a mere glance. Then, in an instant, Thoren realizes exactly what she's looking for. He knows that look from anywhere... she literally is seeing into his soul. He can feel it beyond any doubt. Though he's surprised with the sudden circumstance, he holds his ground and allows the Principal to observe as she sees fit. Ironically enough, it is as soon as he makes this realization and feels the essence of Celestia's surprisingly powerful soul, that she finally breaks the silence. "Yes... There really is no doubt, now. You really are the one.."

"Huh?" Thoren squints some. Then breaks eye-contact as he's thrown into brief confusion. "What do you mean?"

"I'll show you.." she takes a breath, as if she were preparing for something. Then she reaches beneath her desk and, for a moment, stoops beneath it. He could only imagine that she's reaching for something on the floor, and it turns out to be the correct guess.

But what he would see her extract from beneath her is beyond anything he would've expected to find in the Principal's office, or anywhere on school grounds for that matter. More so, it causes a sharp gasp to emit from him along with his widening eyes. From beneath her desk, Celestia reveals to him a black sheath that houses the blade of a full-length katana. Its hilt extending from the mouth of the sheath, with the common pattern of lined-up, thin white diamond shapes along the broad sides of the hilt. Of course, this is not just any regular sword you could find on the market: it is his sword. Further proving that it is his sword is what he witnesses while Celestia works up the nerve to hold it in her hands. Her disposition almost completely changing from her calm, gentle, and understanding nature. Her eyes do not meet his, but he can see the sudden determination that fills her eyes: the strength, the willpower, the resolve, and above all, the obligation to defend herself and those around her 'til her last breath. It's like she's become a completely different woman in an instant. Often times it is a frightening thing to witness, and Celestia is no exception. Still, despite her change in mood, she places the sword on her desk with relative ease. As soon as the weapon is free of her hands, she takes a deep breath while she allows its essence to bleed out of her; albeit she speeds up the process with a sort of 'shove' from her own soul.

Another moment of silence ensues, but it lasts considerably shorter than last time. An instant later, and her smile returns. "It's yours, isn't it? I can tell."

"It is," Thoren lets out a breath as he does his best to keep it together. "Principal Celestia... Where did you get this? More importantly, how did you get this?"

"It was a surprisingly simple matter. One that I actually had nothing to do with until now... You see, a certain young lady approached me soon after we met to arrange your enrollment here. I actually think you'll understand when I say that there was something... otherworldly about her. She appeared human, yes; but she dressed in such odd clothing for the time and place--oh what was it... Long, blonde hair in a white bonnet, white dress with purple down the middle, brownish golden eyes... Beautiful girl, though."

The surprise remains in Thoren's face as he guesses another detail. "...Pink parasol?"

"Yes!" a wave of excitement washes about her. "So you do know her!"

"I do... to a degree. I know I shouldn't be too surprised because it's... well... her."

"I see... anyway," Celestia continues, "The young lady approached and handed me this blade. She even suggested that I bring it to my office on the first day of the new school year, which happens to be today. She claimed that I would know who it truly belongs to once I've met them. Of course, I definitely believe that now, after seeing you. But admittedly, I was fairly skeptical of the girl, until she convinced me to hold it in my hands... That's when my doubts started to fade away.

"I don't know what was done to this sword, but every time I hold it, I feel like a completely different person: like I could take on anything and everything that opposed me, even if it cost me my life... But I know that it won't affect you, Thoren."

"Oh?" he raises an eyebrow. Though it is unnecessary for him to question her, he really wonders how much she truly understands. "...How do you figure?"

She returns with a knowing smile. "...Because this sword is not only yours. It is you, Thoren. I'm not sure how you did it, but you have managed to forge the true extension of yourself through this weapon. No one else but you can properly wield it. I know this, because the essence of this weapon matches perfectly to that of your soul. That's why you're the one who is being shown this... If I didn't know any better, I'd say that this was a considerably elaborate scheme to make sure you got your sword back. That young lady knows that I have a connection to you, and I'm honored that she chose me to be the one who returns your sword to you. I'm sure you've been missing it for quite a while."

This time it is Thoren who's impressed. "Remind me to never underestimate you again... Yes, that is my katana. I knew especially from the second you held it in your hands. And yes, I have been waiting for it. If anything, I was just wondering how exactly it would reach me this time. Though, if you don't mind, I'd like to ask that you hold onto it for just a little bit longer. At least until the end of the school day."

"I understand," Celestia nods, "I'll have you pick it up as soon as you leave your last class. I'll wait for you on the school's roof."

"I'll be there. Promise."

"I know you will... I'll see you then. In the meantime, be sure to head back to class this time--if you can, that is," she gives a small wink.

Seemingly out of the blue, Thoren gives a humble bow towards her, much like how a Japanese person would do so out of respect, or in this case, gratitude. "Thank you, Principal Celestia. I'll see you soon."


"Oh, and Thoren," she suddenly calls out to him just as he's about to open the door.

"Hm?" he looks back at her.

"Just a little word of advice... You'll know it when you've found your true and forever friends. In fact, I know that you'll meet them in this very school...

"And when you do... I urge you, Thoren.. take off your coat every once in a while. Defend yourself and others as needed, but don't forget to let your true friends see you--the real you. Can you do that for me?"

Thoren stops dead in his tracks, then in processing her advice, he looks at his own coat... then thinks of Sunset Shimmer, as she may be one of the friends that Celestia refers to. If Celestia is able to infer his coat's true purpose.. who knows how many other people could see it. At the same time, being able to shed this barrier in favor of being true to himself and his friends... the thought alone is enough to cause his first smile of the school year.

"Yeah... I will," Thoren says at last, and with that, finally turns back towards the door to operate it... Only for him to miss the Principal mustering everything in her power to conceal her overwhelming happiness of finally getting the young man to smile for once.


Thoren steps out of the Principal's office and turns to close the door, and just barely catches a glimpse of her celebrating in her chair. A chuckle emits from him, but at that very same moment, a low feminine giggle rings out from just behind him, followed by the passing shadow of a young woman beneath a parasol. The young man whips around to visually confirm her presence, only to find the area outside the office to be completely void of any person beyond himself. He gives a knowing look, then sighs while slipping his hands in his pockets, and carries on through the halls to his assigned classroom...

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