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Ebony Dawn


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Name: Ebony Dawn


Gender: Female
Age: Mare
Species: Aerion
Eye Color: Gold
Character Color: Grey
Mane/Tail/Other: Mane is short and both mane and tail are messily styled. Both are light purple.
Physique: Athletic, slightly muscular
Residence: Wanderer
Occupation: Ex-guard. Now wanders using her skills to help wherever needed.
Cutie Mark: Crescent Moon overlapped by a knife
Unique Traits: She's skilled in the art of close combat due to her guard training, and carries a personalized set of eight throwing knifes that have her cutie mark engraved on them.
History: Following in her father's hoofsteps, she chose to join the guard, signing up as soon as she was old enough. Once her time in the guard was up, she chose to travel around Equestria, using her skills to help others, choosing not to settle down yet.
Character Personality: She's friendly and not afraid to meet new ponies. She enjoys helping others, fruits of all kinds, and having a good time. She loathes pickles.
Character Summary: Ebony is an ex-guard who travels around lending aid to anypony who needs it. She's learned close combat skills from her time in the guard, and carries a set of personalized throwing knifes with her.

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