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Fallout Equestria: PNP Recruitement


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This first part is about the previous roleplay that I had with my last group on this theme. If you're uninterested, you can skip to the details of this next roleplay I'm hosting.


STROY The roleplay consisted of the three of us; Pipe, Xeno, and Lydia. Pipe was the main character, a Pegasus pony that found himself in the deserts of California. (The game took place in the real world rather than Equestria based on preference of the group.) Pipe wandered the wastes until a sandstorm forced him to hunker down in a hospital of Petaluma. There, he met two of the epilogue characters, Quick Fix and Rege. One sandstorm and some confrontation later, the group travelled north, where they ran into a group of NCR Rangers convicting a widely known enemy, Xeno Zebra, a murder and theif that has been running from the NCR for years. The Rangers invite the travelers to stay with them at a nearby outpost for the night. In the middle of the night, Pipe awakens and ends up talking with the prisoner, Xeno. Xeno explains that she didn't want to kill and steal, but needed to if she wanted to survive. Won over by her story, Pipe frees her and they escape into the nearby city of Mara Rosa, a super mutant invested settlement. Rege and Quick are not informed by the breakout, due to Pipe's fear of their disapproval. The two are in bad shape and barely alive after running low on supplies from the long journey to the city. Their encounter with a horde of rad scorpions contributed to their condition. Luckily enough, they retreat into the subway of the town and find a settlement of refugee ponies that have set up the place to fend off the mutants. The leader of the settlement, Lydia, a young mare with brotherhood connections, takes them in and brings Pipe back to healthy condition. Due to the scarce medical supplies, Pipe and Lydia have to travel to the town hall, the heart of the mutant settlement, to get the supplies for Xeno. They sneak inside, but are soon found by the mutants, and have to use the radio to call the Brotherhood for support. A squad from Blighttown shows up to rescue the two ponies and help take the medical supplies back to the subway. Xeno is catered to health and is ready to travel again. Instead of traveling however, Lydia is able to convince the squad to take them to Blighttown. Pipe and Xeno take Lydia's offer and find themselves on an Airship; Blighttown. The ship's captain, Captain Nyles, invites Pipe to join the elite airship defense team called Wing Team 1. He accepts, and finds himself gaining a name for himself in Blighttown. One night, several days after first arriving, Wing Team 1's medic is murdered by a rouge member, and the team has to track her down and assassinate her. Zaps, Wing Team 1's leader, starts an investigation, and eventually finds Jax, the rouge Wing Team member's whereabouts. She was held up in a raider camp. After a rigorous battle with the raiders, the squad of Pegesi ponies find Jax, who had become the leader of the camp. Jax removes her helmet at the sight of Pipe to find that Jax was actually Rege, who had been sent by the outpost leader to assassinate Xeno. Instead, she found herself confronted by the Wing Team's medic, who she kills to avoid being reported. Once her cover was blow, she retreated to the raider camp to escape the wrath of the Brotherhood. Sadly, her plan has failed, and Pipe is merciful towards her, but also upset. Zaps, disregarding of both the ponies, murders Rege in cold blood, causing Pipe to flare in rage and nearly kill Zaps as the team watches. After the confrontation, Zaps takes her team back to Blighttown, heading straight to the cockpit to have Pipe and Xeno removed from the ship. Instead, they return to the ship being assaulted by enclave forces. Pipe and Wing Team 1 fight off the enclave and save the ship. In return for doing so, Pipe and Xeno are permitted to stay on the ship with Lydai, as long as Pipe continues to be a Wing Team 1 member. He accepts, and the ponies live peacefully aboard Blighttown.


ANALYSIS I considers this roleplay a great success, mostly thanks to the main character, Pipe, who I could not have expected more from. His brilliance and flexibility let this roleplay flourish all the way to the very end. Because of this, he will be participating in the next roleplay for sure.


DETAILS This roleplay will be for 3 to 4 players. I would personally like to have 4 players for this roleplay, but if not all the players in the same time zone,mother sessions are harder to have, and less gets done. Both Pipe and I are in Mountain Time. It is a requirement that your time zone is within Pacific and Eastern. (All of North + South America [Excluding Hawaii and Alaska.]) You must also speak fluent English. Based on group preferences, the roleplay will be taking place on Kik. If you are interested, and would like to see about the rule guide and game logistics, you can message me on Kik (WillsBiggestFan) or on Skype (DeusExMachina582.) when you initially contact me, please notice me that you are messaging abou the roleplay. I will do my best to get back to you within 24 hours.

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