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Nightmare of Equestria


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Nightmare of Equestria; chapter one



It was a dream I had a long time ago, well a series of dreams, rubbing gags against my consciousness, or perhaps another life of another me I did not know. Maybe it is something to better consider a nightmare, persevering against my efforts to turn a blind eye to it. This other me had needed help, yet I could only watched as his life became what mine could be if I gave in and let the ponies tame me. After the troubles with Tirek in the stead of being looked on as a hero, as a pony who had given up his only possession in seeking forgiveness: I, me, we, were instead gazed upon with scornful eyes, as a monster…. This was how that nightmare began, and how it may always end.




It had been mere hours after the celebration. Not everypony was feeling the same, accommodating warmth that Mayor Mare had insisted upon. While the princesses of the sun, moon and friendship had kept hearts open to the idea of celebration in the wake of victory, there were eyes still eyes that bore upon the chimeric beast with disdain and unease. He was attempting to reconcile with his past, but there were many who did not wish to forgive as easily as the Mane, at least as one of them tried. For all the pomp and parade it did not change their knowledge. The Mane knew what he had done and he was no hero, but the instigator.


Even the princess of friendship was unsure with the decision of the royal celestial commandants. They were the sun and Moon, but were they, any longer, close to the lives of the ponies they tended to? Did they understand that passing out forgiveness to a monster like him was, not in the least, like forgiving a corrupted sibling, who had no control of her heart and mind? So many questions, yet no worthwhile answers. He could very well do it again and bring harm to the sanctity of their peace, the harmony they fooled themselves into believing they had.

There was so much hindsight to be had, and no foresight at all to what treating such a being could create.


The chaotic spirit had settled himself beside his yellow-furred companion, enjoying the food provided. He turned his head down, talking to her with a smile, as he did. He had settled himself comfortably on a pillow, the vibrant decorations fitting the autumn months just before Hearthswarming Season. Those sharp teeth were put on display, causing some to shirk away. Fluttershy politely listened to the spirit, but she did not speak up. Discord could only assume it was the crowds that had her tense. So he ignored it.


He was oblivious to it all, taking in stride the new community he had been welcomed into by the princesses, a world created by a power even greater than their own. 


"Did you hear, Fluttershy?" His voice low, but not inaudible to the crowd. 


She turned up her head shyly. "Huh?" Her ears pinning down as she held her cup. "Oh, I'm s-s-sorry. What d-d-did you say?" She looked down to her plate, food uneaten.


Discord frowned, feeling she was distant. "Oh, Discord!" Mayor Mare called, trotting up to the crooked serpent. "Since you want to be helpful, how about I put you in charge as a helper to set up for Hearthswarming events with Applejack and the others?"


Across the way Applejack, Rainbow Dash and Twilight were seated. At the mention of her name the Apple perked her ear, but come the mention of the snake helping, if he even knew what that was, seemed to call her full stop. Her shifted direction had caused Twilight and Dash to stall their conversation. They looked over to the blonde mare, who had suddenly become nervous.


"AJ?" Dash questioned as she raised a hoof, but the farm pony had already turned about face on the pillow seat.


"Now just a darned minute. You're putting him in charge of something that important so soon?" She tried to bite her tongue back a bit, but she wouldn't be honest with herself otherwise. "I got it handled on my own just fine, he'll just want to goof off."


The Mayor giggled. "Well I think that's good! We should have a fun holiday after everything being so stressful. What do you say Discord?" 


The spirit blinked, feeling his emotions swell a bit at the opportunity. "But of course. I have a perfect idea!" 


Rainbow Dash rolled her eyes, resting her cheek on her hoof. "Pfft, this I'll have to see. Hope you don't lose to him AJ."


Twilight chuckled. "It sounds interesting. I'll come too." 


It seems it was settled. Discord would be in charge of the festivities for Hearthswarming! He had a fantastic idea, something fun for his new friends. The spirit floated off and popped out of existence with a blink to start planning. Once he was gone Fluttershy let out a sigh and walked over towards the others.


"I'm a bit tired. I think I'll b-b-be going home now..." She lowered her head, peering through her bangs.


Dash zipped up and pulled Flutter into her forelimb. "Come on let's go have tea at your place!" 


Flutter looked down. "I-I don't know.…"

Twilight stood and walked over. "I think it would be fun. Come on Fluttershy. Since Discord has run off we can have us time."


"Well… okay. I s-s-suppose that's alright."

Discord sat in his yard in Chaosville, a glass jar between his legs as he filled out little raffle tickets, said prizes of critter pets bouncing around him playfully. "I think I can put on a lovely theater play about all of this. I can change." And hopefully be forgiven too…


He looked to the ticket that had "fox" written on it before sticking it into the jar.

To be continued….

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Nightmare of Equestria; chapter two


Autumn was still in full swing. He had not been about for the running of the leaves, but this was pretty relaxing too. The leaves below his body as he hovered along seemed plenty amusing. To think they did all these just to change the color of leaves and summon winter. He admired the roundabout manners, but he felt it was too much work in the same. You could easily set your watch by it. He must have preferred to set his watch a bit slow moving to account for time travel. 


Just around the corner some ponies were putting on an event. The spirit was gathering leaves into a neat pile to make a mess of it, so his attention was elsewhere. A small toy cart has been pulled to the edge of Ponyville by a young foal, hardly telling, but he wore a moat fanciful tophat and seemed quite the sales pony as he stood on a soapbox and made declaration of his fantastic, hoofmade.crafts. this foal was roommates with a slightly older mare, who had helped him set up.


This young mare seemed to have small squirrels about her as companions, the chittering rodents seeming uneasy about stepping even a mile too close to civilization.

"Are you sure this is a good idea? Those ponies are scary!" Now her fears were quite valid.


Neither of them lived within Ponyville, both orphans, in a sense. The filly was raised by squirrels and did not see herself as a pony. It was not her fault she saw the big, loud, hoofed creatures a nuisance on the sanctuary that was Everfree Forest! The other was no ordinary foal, was a Changeling in disguise, but nopony knew of this identity, making him naturally wary of the civilization known for forcing a full grown hive from its roots! Super scary, but he didn't think the ponies were bad. 


He just never lived long enough in the city to have any real -- opinions. 


"But we have to make bits or we can't get any cupcakes!" The colt declared. "Or...Food." though the food didn't do him any good, for some reason. It did quiet the full ache in his empty belly though.


The squirrel-pony and her caretakers, squeaked and rolled their eyes. "Still there's like this feeling I have, something is watching us…" 


A pony should always listen to their intuition because something had been watching them. In fact the figures had come in from the Everfree, following the wagon. Still on the edge of the border between Ponyville and the trail to Everfree a flock of Cockatrice sat. They wore obnoxiously bright green ponchos and wore sunglasses. The leader of them.was the gaudiest of all and held a squished sombrero that had been run over by the wagon. They clucked in plot. They had to take their revenge, but ponies were pretty scary. 


There was five of them, and two of these. They could stone them and run away, taking retribution for the lost hat! The boss Cockatrice flicked his sunglasses up. He was intent on facing his enemies. Ponies were the enemy to all Cockatrice! The other bird-lizards clucked in unison. They were behind their boss all the way. 




Back in Ponyville…


Applejack had gone to Town Hall to see the Mayor. She had been waiting a few hours now, the office always frantic. It honestly put Applejack on edge how utterly ineffective and inefficient they were, but t'weren't her place to interfere. She was a farmer after all and their politics handy interfered with the farm any yet. She removed her hat, holding it on her hooves, on her lap as she waited.


"Plum reckon the lot of 'em act as if they done lost their heads.." the Apple muttered at the mess that was town hall.


Honestly she had never thought it so -- chaotic before, but if the Mayor had taken in Discord so willingly there had to be bits of his influence here! It only strengthened her resolve to put a stop to this. 


"Uh, Miss Apple?" One of the stallion assistants called. "The Mayor's will see you now."


"Well finally!" She slapped on her hat and dropped to all fours to trot on after the fellow. 

When she was led to the Mayor's office it was even more a madhouse than anything Applejack had ever seen! "Mayor!" She felt herself getting sick at the sight.


"Oh, Applejack! How can we help you today?" She was putting up pins into a map of Ponyville on the wall.


The farmpony looked mightily distraught and stepped into the office, closing the door behind her. All this clutter of boxes and papers made her feel a bit claustrophobic. The Mayor hopped down.


"Mind the mess," she pardoned, even if it was just hard to ignore it. "I have a lot on my plate. With everything I think we can make use of Discord's magic and get a lot done, since he's reformed and all. I might have him run all the events in town with Pinkie's help, if I can rope her down!"


"Well, ya see Mayor," Applejack began. "I feel that may be the problem." She gently began. "I know he's new to being.. part of all this and all, but don't us reckon this is too much too soon? I mean I can handle the events for Hearthswarming just fine. We even got a tree picked out from my cousin in Manehatten, they'll be bringing it on over soon as the snow falls." She explained.


"Oh well I know you have it all handled, but he seems like he really wants to help. I think this is the perfect opportunity, besides the princesses endorse it! Keeping him busy would be best!" The Mayor patted Applejack's shoulder. "Don't worry, it will be fine."


Applejack didn't feel the same though. She was going to talk about this to Twilight. Besides, she was fine running things on her own. The Mayor didn't need to get somepony to help her, let alone the likes of him! Applejack would leave the Mayor to whatever it was she was doing, and headed off towards Twilight's for a talk…

To be continued...

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