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[EQG] Two Worlds, One Day [Ask Alison x Steel]


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Rarity had plans today, plans that she had been looking forward to all week. It was time for her to travel to the mall with one of her best friends, Applejack. The two hadn’t gotten to spend too much time together but today was going to be the start to a change to all that. Rarity had things all planned out, she was going to take Applejack to get some new clothes. It was just the start to the day so Rarity didn’t want to do anything too crazy. She waited outside the mall wearing her normal after school attire, a white blouse with a blue skirt, a fashion belt across her waist and some knee high stockings, instead of her boots today she wore some simple sneakers that were a light blue. The weather hadn’t been that bad recently but she still brought her rain coat and umbrella just in case, a girl could never be too prepared!


Rarity checked her phone, still no text or call from Applejack, could she have forgotten about their meeting today? With a soft sigh Rarity stepped inside of the mall, the wind had been picking up a bit and not wanting to put her jacket on just to take it back off she thought it would be the wisest choice. Her backpack was rather heavy today as she had a bit of homework to work on, some of which she was going to ask Applejack to help her with. While Rarity herself excelled at Math she often found herself lacking when it came to the science part of the class work.


“Hey Applejack, chores keeping you a bit extra today? Want me to swing by the farm and help?” She sent a quick text to Applejack. Normally she was against getting herself dirty right before a mall day but if it was for someone like Applejack she would throw that to the wind. She’d still fuss of course but she’d deal.

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