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The Razorclaw Family


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The Razorclaw Family - "Strength From Above"


No family name in Aquellia generates as much visions of noble majesty in griffons' hearts as that of Razorclaw. One of the three founding houses of Talonopolis along with the Silverbeaks and the Goldplumes, the Razorclaws are certainly a force to be reckoned with. Their sigil: a shield superimposed with two legendary Rocs on each side of a sword. Their words: "Strength From Above". While all three ruling families share an equal amount of influence in the affairs of the Aquellian Republic, a strong argument could be made for House Razorclaw as the most outwardly majestic of the three.


The Razorclaw family traces its origins to the griffoness Flavia; Captain of the Guard to the fourteenth and final King of Griffonstone. She alone warned of the threat posed by the greedy Arimaspi, but the captain's warnings went unheeded by the griffon royal court. Arimaspi of course managed to steal the Idol of Boreas, plunging Griffonstone into chaos. No longer convinced that the Kings of Griffonstone were fit to rule over the griffon race, Captain Razorclaw encouraged the soldiers under her command to desert from the Guard. Then she conspired with the Silverbeak and Goldplume families to orchestrate a mass exodus from Griffonstone to what would be come to known as Talonpolis.


According to griffon histories, Flavia Razorclaw further cemented her legacy as a great leader and hero in a legendary battle with the forces of pegasus champion Commander Hurricane. The causes of this confrontation are fodder for historical speculation, but the legends tell of Flavia cleverly luring Hurricane's army into a devastating ambush. After Flavia's troops won the day, the griffoness claimed the Helm of Commander Hurricane as a trophy for her people. Hurricane's helm was no true replacement for the lost Idol of Boreas, but it did gave griffonkind hope that a grand destiny laid in store for the successor realm of Aquellia.


For hundreds of years now, and still even today, all griffons born into House Razorclaw are taught to live up to their forebearer Flavia's example. Indoctrinated to answer the call of duty, many Razorclaws end up serving as officers in the Aquellian military. For those Razorclaws less disposed towards the art of war, the game of politics beckons brightly thanks to the generous support of the other two ruling families, who all share the unvoiced understanding that all three houses must work together to preserve the status quo they benefit from.


Regardless of one's career path, virtually all Razorclaws are united in their celebration of aristocratic elitism. As scions of an ancient and noble bloodline, it is always a Razorclaw's responsibility to ensure their social lessers never forget that fact. Failure within their ranks is not tolerated, and slights made against a Razorclaw must be answered decisively for one's honor to be maintained. In the collective worldview of the family, griffons deserve their high place in the world due to their predatory instincts; and so Razorclaws are taught to despise anything that remotely challenges this philosophy (including the otherwise normal Aquellian practice of primarily eating grains).


Nothing exemplifies Razorclaw exceptionalism more than the Lion's Lair; the oversized keep which serves as their ancestral home. Carved out of an enormous basalt monolith at the northern edge of Talonopolis, this lair (informally known as the "Tower") is one of the most impregnable fortresses in the world. Bristling with concealed defensive weaponry, resistant to dragon fire, and lacking any ground entrance, no enemy in Aquellian history has ever breached the Tower. The lair itself is a rather gloomy abode, made not to impress others with luxurious trappings but rather to mold each Razorclaw mind to accept the great destiny that awaits them. As it should go without saying, the Lion's Lair is not open to tourism.


~Plumes, Beaks, and Claws: The History of Talonopolis

Ashley 'Ash' Ravencrest

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