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Request- Lich Prince


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Since I can't draw--like, at ALL--and I noticed this art request thread here, I was hoping to see if somepony here could lending me a hoof (okay, this horse vernacular is fun and all but I figure I should just play it straight).


I decided that I wanted to resurrect an old Villain OC from a fanfic I wrote a long while back, and I've been trying to shop him around to RP sites but I feel it'd be best to have a really cool reference image of him (y'know, in case I find someone who's crazy enough to make him into a custom or something like that). Here's the thing: he's a Lich (which I'm not exactly sure if that's considered kosher here or not, but I'm willing to give it a shot). The lich in question is named Prince Carrion--self-proclaimed prince, mind you--and he basically serves a role similar to Mephistopheles or Bill Cipher from Gravity Falls.


I have a description for him here:

Appearance: About as tall as Princess Cadence, but looking very gaunt and emaciated, his dark grey flesh rotting in places and his eyes sunken in, hooves cracked and horn slightly fractured at the tip (I had to change him into a unicorn for broader appeal), wearing a dark thorn crown with a single onyx gem in the front; feel free to throw on a ratty, tattered cloak or something. His eyes are a burning orangeish-red, he has a long scraggly white mane and a flaming bright green tail that stretches down the floor. I did have an idea for giving him big deer/elk looking antlers instead (with one of them fractured, cracked, or even broken off), so if you'd prefer that, then I'd love to see that. I didn't really have a cutie mark idea for him in my head, but you could argue that either a lich would've lost their cutie mark or the flesh on his flank where a cutie mark would've been has just rotted down to the bone.

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