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[Unofficial Lore] Lykos


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Lykos - The Beast Within


Since before antiquity there have been stories of ponies who have had the touch of a wild side in them. It was spoken of as a curse by some and a blessing by others. These tales change from place to place, but one thing always remains the same: that golden glow. In some cases these feral ponies are spoken of in legends. Stallions or mares who — as great warriors —  faced armies of enemies with the ferocity of a wolf and running them.off the field like sheep. These legends, though, were not always spoken of in a positive light. One well known legend, that of the Lykos tribe, would stand to be the first instance in which this condition appeared.

There was of a great family of Pegasus before the formation of a unified tribe of ponies. While the land was still filled with disorganized tribes, a greedy clan sought to form and hoard wealth, keeping much from their fellow ponies in need. A unicorn wizard disguised himself in hopes of saving the family from their own selfishness and greed.

Under the guise of searching for shelter and food from the family: though more than capable of affording a single visitor they would give to her naught but rotten hay and dirty water. All that was offered for a bed was as sheet upon the floor of a barn. Treated as such, the old wizard cursed the family with a voracious curse that fed off their greed. Onto them, the Lykos tribe, all would become the beasts that they acted like.

From there the curse spread.

As countries become denser in population the original bloodline became thinner so the curse had to find other ways to pass on, to survive. It became virulent in nature, aggressive as the beasts it created. After so many generations the curse became stronger by latching onto new prey. To do so it had to find new ways of infecting. Now scratches and bites could infect the most robust of beings. In the past many of these cursed beings were cast out of society unable to be controlled, but many sought to remain in their tribes and learned to cope with their wild sides. There is no known permanent cure for the curse, but there are many ways to control it. In many, more distant lands: imprisonment was the best solution for an ancient question: how do you stop a wild beast?

Lykos manifest during the phases of the months where the light of the harvest moon is full, becoming more predominant during the winter months where the nights were longer. They grow long, sharp teeth, though in the case of others fur and feathers become distinctly shaggy and body mass increases by at least ten pounds. Fighting becomes instinct, the sense of smell increases and one completely loses their ability to use magic in lieu of a heightened sense for battle and gain in physical prowess. With so many strengths come in weight, an excess, of weaknesses such as Poison Joke rendering the beasts completely unconscious, noxious smells stopping them cold, and various traps and cages that would hold any other critter.


-Journal of 100 Curses; #25





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