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Asclepius Talisman


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While no surviving record has been found for the exact time of its creation, it has been widely accepted that the Asclepius Talisman-- or at least the only known surviving piece-- was made centuries ago. The legend surrounding the piece centered around a unicorn stallion who traversed the entirety of Equestria to discover a way to save his beloved wife from an illness that had no cure. As the one he held most dear became increasingly fragile, the stallion turned to ancient and arcane magics that predated even the founding of Equestria itself. Daring to defy fate, the stallion took what was a mundane item and subjected it to an enchantment so complex, that even today's magic experts were unable to untangle it despite having the the ability to recreate the enchantment with varying degrees of success.. The surviving talisman took the form of a collar, where it changed hooves and circulated within the marketplace as a bobble, only to come into the possession of two parents who sought out the very same solution for their son, thereby allowing the collar to fulfill the very purpose it was meant to serve all those years ago.

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