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Summer Gone Spoiler s9

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The Summer Sun Celebration had arrived in the Canterlot Gardens with Princess Celestia and Princess Luna having their last Summer Sun Celebration ever under the longest summer day in June. The biggest crowd of ponies ever they went to the biggest Summer Sun Celebration fair in history in the Canterlot Gardens the morning before Princess Celestia’s final raising of the summer sun before Twilight’s takeover. There were games, rides, large shiny clear balloons in many colors on, candy and soda from all over Equestria strings and more as it was the final party before the End of Equestria. Everypony tried to stay up two nights straight. Streamers, horns and the pieces of lifeless balloons in many shapes without air laid all around that morning. Some of the many ponies who were in the crowd were Derpy, Lemon Hearts and many more. Berry Pinch as a unicorn and Cherry Berry were also in the crowd. Finally was the two ponies joining a huge crowd at the fair to see Princess Celestia raise the sun for the last time.

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