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[Lore] Seaquestria & the Seaponies


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Seaquestria - The Watery Depths of Refuge




Beneath the surface of Mount Aris lies the underwater refuge of the Hippogriffs; the Sea Caves of Sequestering, more commonly known as Seaquestria. For a time, the citizens of Hippogriffia took shelter in these caves following the rise of the Storm King, using the power of the Pearl of Transformation to morph into Seapony forms adapted to functioning in the ocean. With the Storm King’s threat now passed, many former denizens of Mount Aris have decided that life under the sea is more preferable to slaving away out in the sun.

According to the historical record, the Pearl of Transformation was a gift bequeathed to the Hippogriffs by the Hippocamp City-Kingdom of Coralline, who use such relics whenever they have business to attend to on land. In the case of the Hippogriffs, their Pearl swaps their avian features with a fishtail, flippers, and a more equine frontal body. A few who transform develop luminous bulbs on their foreheads, which helps with swimming in deep water. Creatures who assume Seapony forms enjoy many of the abilities enjoyed by Hippocamps, such as communing with aquatic creatures. Following the downfall of the Storm King, Queen Novo divided the Pearl of Transformation into multiple small fragments to give her subjects the freedom to choose between Seapony and Hippogriff forms.

The aquatic sanctuary that became Seaquestria has its origins long ago, after Queen Marina was gifted the Pearl of Transformation. A hippogriff with a deep love for the sea, she ordered that the sea surrounding Mount Aris be fully explored by volunteers willing to be morphed into seaponies. It was during these first explorations that sea caves were discovered extending beneath the island mountain. Initially, the Hippogriffs largely left the Sea Caves of Sequestering alone, although they had the insight to dig water tunnels up to the surface above for use as emergency escape tunnels in the event the Winged Citadel was likely to fall.

Once the Storm King forced the Hippogriffs to flee the surface world, they started again by erecting a new organically elegant city out of glass and coral, hanging above the ceiling of Seaquestria’s largest cavern like an upside-down copy of the Winged Citadel. Much like a Citadel that hangs like a chandelier, the bottom of the hanging, illuminated spiral houses the chambers of Queen Novo, which are used whenever she is attending to the needs of her Seapony subjects. Magical enchantments ensure that Seaquestria’s waters remain calm and clear, unaffected by the ever-changing whims of the surrounding seas beyond.

Seaquestria is not as populated as it once was, many refugees choosing to return to the surface world as Hippogriffs. However, a large percentage of Queen Novo’s subjects actually prefer underwater life, many of whom never fit all that well with the traditionally competitive and grandiose culture of the Hippogriffs. For many of the younger ones, life as Seaponies is all they have ever known, and they aren’t too keen on losing the chance to frolic with beautiful fish and clever octopuses. How Queen Novo navigates this new cultural split amongst her people will be a more peculiar challenge, indeed.

~Canterlor Research Journal (Revised Edition)



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