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[Unofficial Lore] Balayan


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Balayan: Fur of Ash


Deep in Mount Vukizo sleeps legend of a bat whose fur is made of ash. It is believed in ancient times that the Veld was lush with forest and woodland. While there is no evidence of such stories from the scientific community: the Taraju speak of a great bat who had wings as wide as a griffon, with a body as long as a sea serpent. The Balayan was a stubborn creature who would never leave his forests because they were warm and wet. It is said that his brother had become upset of Balayan constantly hiding in his woods and would ask him to visit ever day. Balayan refused and every day his brother would call to him again. Finally Balayan replied to his brother that he would not leave his woods because his brother's home was too dry and invited his brother to, instead, come and visit. But this enraged his brother who, feeling that Balayan was arrogant in thinking his home was best, would call his friends to chase Balayan from his home. Balayan hid in the deep woods and fled his pursuers, but when they lit a fire to clear some of the trees the fires ran out of control and burned all of the trees across the Veld. Balayan was not found and it was aid all that remained was a pile of ash. Many speak of the great bat of ash who comes down from the snow capped mountains in search for his pursuers. Offerings are left at the base of the mountains in hopes to appease the spirit so that the dormant volcano would never wake to seek revenge on the ancestors of his pursuers that live in the Veld to this day.

- Haunted Paths Across Equus, a Pocket Guide


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