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Misadventures of Tongue Twister


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Hidden Texts - dad had trouble with busybody.  Turns out antique book had clues to untouched vault in Tenochtitlan.  They went there, but got in trouble.  TT had to rescue them.

Datum : parents Caveat Emptor, Shady Dealer.  Caveat is a 'curio merchant' (kind of the Stan Pines of Equestria); Shady ships packages (can get things from point A to point B fast, safe, or under the table, depending on how much you want to spend).  Used to be a card dealer in Las Pegasus decades ago.  Math Cutie Mark (probability/game theory).  Shops in Canterlot (where the money is). 

Polar Vortex - pompous pegasus that stole the treasure from the vault : a sample of Primal Clay that could be used to create or repair any living thing.  Why TT was trapped in Maretropolis for a week or two.

Where she returned after being corrupted by Hou Shuren.  Picked up a few useful books and a few quirky artifacts.  

Dad set up the Devil's Business Card enchantment for her; the mailing address to contact TT is a post office box in Ponyville.

Currently running and open, due to Right of Survivorship (everyone else sorta disappeared/stopped posting)


STAR, Shadow Of Ice, Hidden base north of Las Pegasus - few misadventures while working for this group.

Datum : TT may or may not have been an agent for a secret organization (at least 3 looking for whatever was in that vault in Tenochtitlan)

Currently running and open, due to Right of Survivorship (everyone else sorta disappeared/stopped posting)


Dark Rendezvous - encountered Hou Shuren

Datum : tried to observe the conversation between Hou Shuren and Sombra; got caught and corrupted.

White on bottom third of legs now black; wings now made of mystic mercury - can shape into anything EXCEPT a functional pair of wings.

Currently has a mass of dark magic living in her head (since it took over one of her tulpas, she can't expunge it just yet)

Thread actually ended !


Running of the Leaves, 2020 - she won !  Leading to Cooling Off before Warming Up


X-marks-the-spot - 'interesting' conversations with Trixie and Scootaloo.


Secrets-of-black-sands-libraries-of-saddlelon  - forcibly ended months ago.


Loose Ends and Gates Ajar - currently active.


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