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Our Favorite Social Constructs! (game)

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I'm gonna preface this by saying I don't know what I'm doing right now, because that's the only way this is ever gonna get posted. nevermind though you can go to the next paragraph sorry thank you

You ever here the suggestion that "[thing] is actually a social construct, and doesn't exist naturally or inherently or at all really"? I tend to think its pretty interesting information that goes into an interesting topic. Despite how interesting the topic is, I personally less often hear things like "wow, this [thing I like] is actually socially constructed too! It felt like such a real part of my world but upon closer inspection it doesn't exist outside of shared meaning!" or whatever. I don't know if that's similar to other peoples experiences with the topic, but wouldn't it be fun to collect all our favorite socially constructed... things? I don't know really what I'm saying at all, so if this doesn't make sense I apologize for that, but if it does and this sounds like a fun game to anybody else, I'll go first!

Birthdays, as a like a vague tradition, where every time we go around the sun (or so? or, I don't know, there are bunches of other ways to do it huh?), we get cake, and/or presents for each other, and I guess there's a lot of ways to do that too, but a good majority of people that I've known at least feel entitled to a day where people are like, at least nice to them? Which some people take pretty seriously, and to a pretty extensive extent it is like, "cmon, it IS their BIRTHDAY!" And also everybody gets to pick their own birthday traditions for themselves if they like, but its still this related to this birthday thing that we collectively understand and to a certain degree honor, such as at ice cream and coffee shops. 

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