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Rp plot line (sign up)

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A nightmare moon AU by me


general stuff:

  • Nightmare moon won in the fight of the two sister sand sealed Celestia to the moon
  • Since Nightmare moon doesn't want any strong rebellions, she closed the school for gifted unicorns and unbanded the wonderbolts
  • Bat-ponies and pegasi are considered worthy of being royal guards while strong unicorns are seen as helpers of the queen, earth ponies are mostly forced into farms or low ranking jobs.
  • Starlight glimmer works for the queen to erase any rebel's cutiemark, replacing it with a X. 
  • Dragons have taken over the badlands and the forbidden jungle while griffons fight against ensiavement of their kind, often attacking helpless fillies for "revenge"
  • The changelings are at war with the dragons and the moose. General Cor and Pharnyx lead most of the wars. Thorax got killed for being too weak
  • Kirin are hiding at their home village, Autumm blaze and the village can't talk not because of their anger but to keep silent during the war.
  • Storm king waits silently to let equestria divide itself even more and will attack.
  • The mane six does not exist, discord's statue gor broken into pieces and the elemnts of harmony are thrown deep in the sea.


actual plot stuff:

  • Due to eternal night's disharmony, ceramic ponies have emerged (white glassy ponies with pointy hoofs, weird shaped horns, a creepy cartoony smile and tail with lanterns at the end). They are scared of nothing but changelings due to their magic confusing them. They have an aurora that makes ponies suicidal. They use dark magic to make dead ponies turn into maore ceramic ponies
  • Ceramic ponies' voices sounds extremenly echoic


the plot:

your character(s) (you can have two or three if you want) is with Ohm and Noonherb to investigate a mysterious village due to strong dissapperance rate near it. Not because they were assigned to but cause they were curious.They go by train and meet your character(s) there. They first get met by a strange village filled with ponies hanged on the tree branches

and depressed fillies, they decide to go further and go in the cave (the cave is very dark exept for the crystals glowing so an unicorn would be very helpful here) They then meet one ceramic pony who tricks them into passing dangerous traps and going to their main ritual place. The rest is up to you.

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