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Auxie Bird

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Name: Auxie Bird
Gender: Male
Age: Adult
Species: Pegasus
Eye colour: Blue
Character colour: Light cyan
Mane/Tail/Other: Light yellow, white, pink, and purple
Physique: The character is shorter and about the size of a regular Mare. He has a soft face.

Residence: Cloudsdale
Occupation: Keeping control of the colors in Equestria / changing the sky when the time changes
Cutie Mark: A colorful paintbrush with a star next to it
Unique Traits: Auxie Bird is responsible for changing the sky when Celestia/Luna changes the sun and moon. He does this by using the water droplets in clouds, which can really change the color of other stuff too.
History: Auxie Bird was playing along in the clouds, until a patch of the sky turned darker than the rest. That is how he got his cutie mark.
Character Personality: Auxie Bird is outgoing and extroverted, creative and bubbly. He will always be by anyones side, but he is not patient.
Character Summary: Auxie Bird is a Pegasus in Cloudsdale who changes the sky and keeps color in check.

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