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Hello, and welcome to my thread. :)


Now, I am new to this site, so I didn't want to start up anything too complicated before I got a good handle on the site. So hopefully I am not posting anything wrong here, as some of the rules are a little vague. Should be said that this RP is open to growth in scope and scale. Right now I am just learning the ropes of this place.


I would love just to start out with MC, Orion Pax, moving to Ponyville, and get to know ponies there, and then grow it from there. I am hoping for some mane 6 introductions, or at least one. However that is not a must. you are more than welcome to approach with your own OC. 


I would love to brainstorm this RP with you, and make it into something fun for us both, as I know this thread is a little open ended on the plot. For now it is slice of life, but I would not mind making an adventure, or multiple small adventures like in the show. 


I hope for romance, but nothing like 18+, everything must be within the site guidelines!

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