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Horns Hooves & Wings (album)

Diss Order

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That's the name of the (free) pony album I'm working on. I will release 2 versions: the first one will feature the complete productions from start to finish and the second one will have all the tracks in 1 big mix.

I'm currently working on an album cover too, so you should be seeing that within the next week or so.

One of the tracks is released already, the bonus track of the album. It's a remix of Eurobeat Brony's track Luna, the rest of the album will be 'original' (as in: still based on MLP while not using materials from other producers). The track below is the first thing I ever finished in the 3 months I've been producing, I've learned a lot along the way though so expect future productions to be even better. :)



I'll keep you guys updated! :D

EDIT: Btw, if you guys have any ideas for an exclusive Canterlot.com track, give me a shout! :P Especially if any of you guys would like to be a vocalist for it. ;-)

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There are a few show songs and pieces of background music I would like to base productions on. I'm not sure about the whole tracklist yet, but I'll give away the first and last track (aside from the bonus track). The first track will be My Little Club (my take on the MLP main theme in the same style as the Luna track in the strartpost) and the last track will be My Little Rave (again my take on the main theme, but then in the hardstyle genre).

The album won't be 1 genre, it will be building up from soft club music to rave/hardstyle in the end. I might even try some DNB and Dubstep around the end, but I'm not promising anything as I'm not sure how that will turn out for me. :P Expect the biggest part of the album to be Electro House. :)

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