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Lady Z


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[ Pony Related Character ]

Name: Lazy Z

Gender: Female

Age: Mare

Species: Pegasus

Pelt Color: Dry grass green

Mane/Tail Color & Style: Burgundy

Eye Color: Hot pink

Cutie Mark: Skull

Physique: Somewhat on the small side but otherwise quite average. She prefers walking to flying so her stamina isn't amazing, and she can't stay in flight as long as other pegasi.

Residence: A big scary looking tree on the outskirts of Ponyville. Since Lazy Z likes to keep her feet on the ground, and enjoys the convinence of living near dark forests, she chose not to live in Cloudsdale. The tree she lives in obviously has been hollowed out and fernished to accomodate her needs, but on the outside the bark is dry and dark and peeling, the branches are long and thin and finger like, the leaves are sparce and dying and the whole tree has a very eerie feeling about it.

Occupation: From her home Lady Z makes and sells herbal remadies. She uses various plants that are found in the surrounding forests to create medecines to help ponies in their every day life. Rather than curing ills, these herbs help soothe pains, provide restless sleep and are generally helpful to small ails. As well as the herbs, she sells talismans and wards, dream catchers and lucky charms and all manner of interesting titbits.

Motivation: To become the creepiest pony in all Equestria! Lady Z adores it when scary stories get told about her and she gets a good laugh out of the more over the top ridiculous tales.

Likes: All things spooky and scary. She collects odd things like bones and feathers and often goes through the forests looking for curios to add to her hoard.

Dislikes: There isn't a lot that Lazy Z dislikes, as she's quite an accepting pony. However she cannot stand any form of rudeness and will not tollerate and form of un motivated destruction.

Character Summary: Although she may have a reputation for being scary and creepy, Lady Z is actually a very nice pony! She may have a spooky reputation but she really loves to help other ponies out. She's very caring and kind and will always listen to the worries of her friends. Obviously it's not widely known how sweet she really is as Lady Z likes to keep her reputation intact. While she is widely referd to as a creepy pony, many residents of Equestria will still -while displaying great caution- approach her store if they are in need of something.


UM if this seems a little out of character for FiM then just let me know. i have other ponies that i can rp with p:

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I realize this is still WIP and you're polishing it up. But I adore her so far. Very pretty pony. And no worries if it's to "spooky" or "scary" for mlp. Our RP world is actually going to be a lot more like reality with a lot more hardships since we will be playing with more than just ponies. We're pretty open minded here so long as the character is well rounded!

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I see nothing out of place personally. She's a wonderful character to play in the world I think! I love the occupation use.

One thing I do always wonder now though, since we have some "death" like markings of bones and skulls.. Wouldn't they be more horse/pony shaped and not human? Not saying you have to change it. Mostly thinking out loud for the sake of wondering. Hmmm.

But yes! Approved!

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