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Stormy Specter


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Name: Stormy Specter

Gender: Male

Age: Colt, but nearing adulthood

Species: Pegasus

Pelt Color: Sapphire

Mane/Tail Color & Style: Midnight green, Spiked back wards

Eye Color: Electric Green

Cutie Mark: Thunder cloud with two lighting bolts

Physique: Sleek and slender.

Residence: Cloudsdale

Occupation: Weather pony- Storm division

Motivation: Hopes to one day have a family, regardless if he's married or not. (He'd be willing to adopt) But he doesn't feel ready to even try.

Likes: Sleeping during storms (when off duty), Sweet/Sour apples (cross pollinated), Quiet places, His job, Stormy weather,Rainy days

Dislikes: Loud things/ponies, Ponies messing with his stuff, oranges, standing still (on the ground)

Character Summary: Specter grew up a orphan pony. Learning very quickly, he started to take care of himself, since the nursemaid was always busy with the other foals. He's no Bruce Wayne, but he learned to take care of himself.

In flight school he was very much a loner, not talking to any pony very much. He hasnt changed much. He's just not the best at masking friends. Stormy days make him very, very mellow. He loves the lights and sounds.

Specter Loves his job. If he didn't have it, he probably wouldn't get up in the morning. He tries to be friendly, but he plays a little close to his chest, making it hard to make friends. But once he does accept you, He'll be nothing but nice to you.

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