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Any Octavias here?


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Alright that's a bit of a creepy title especially given what I've written about Frederic in my RP application LOL. But seriously speaking, I was looking through the Official DJ-Pon3 channel on youtube and I'm personally surprised to find that there isn't an Octavia/classical version.

I'm kinda interested in starting one but I can't pose as Octavia because I play the piano =/ So I was thinking... is there anyone out there who can play the cello and is willing to be "Octavia" doing solos and playing duets with me? I think a classical music channel that features both Frederic and Octavia would be a pretty neat idea and maybe someone who can play the sousaphone and harp can be Beauty Brass and Harpo as well.

So any bronies out there interested?

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I don't think there are many of us that compose/produce classic and new-age sounds.

Yeah i wouldn't be surprised if the number of bronies who can play classical are in the single digits. But there must be some pony out there who can play classical cello well? Right? D=

Those are really cool to listen to. I'm assuming these are synthesized and not actually played?

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I play the Viola. If that helps.

Hmmm... that could work. Send me a sample of your playing if you are still interested

Ooo I would love to hear the result of this! Classical/new age doesn't get enough attention these days, I'll be waiting with bated breath.

Yeah i agree... buuuut unfortunately I still haven't found a brony who's willing to dedicate to this project. And there's not many brony musicians who still go traditional to begin with... don't hold your breath for it I'd say.

However I have created the youtube channel if you're interested: http://www.youtube.c...ssicalequestria

I was also going to name the Brony instrumental group: ClassicallyEquestrian... but I dont think it'll come to fruition unfortunately. I'll keep looking for regular contributors tho so please let me know if anypony's interested

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