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Thought I'd post this here. I wrote my very first song, "Tailor River", around May, and since then, I've gotten new recording equipment. I went ahead and revamped it. Enjoy!

The newest version:


Original (8 months ago):


I wouldn't be offended if you took a look at my other stuff on Soundcloud as well!

Any songs that you've made that you've reworked and have been able to see your progress? It's pretty neat. Also, sorry for the cutoff at the end.

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This is a really great song! Your voice is so strong and the drums are so interesting!

I applaud you, sir

It's really a shame this has gone unnoticed for a whole day

Thank you so much! I'm still proud of it for it being my first song and all. I'm so glad I have this new equipment. I'm not so confined to 4 tracks and terrible audio quality anymore.

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