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Name: Tobiana

Gender: Female

Age: Young Adult (mare)

Species: Pegasus

Pelt Color: Bay Tobiano

Mane/Tail Color & Style: Black and white, long and flowing

Eye Color: Very light blue

Cutie Mark: Compass rose

Physique: Long legs made for traveling great distances and well-developed muscles from traveling said distances. She is lean and athletic, but not any taller than your typical pony.

Residence: Everywhere. She has no single residence.

Occupation: Traveler and cartographer. She discovers new places, writes her report about them, and then continues on her journey.

Motivation: She is a wanderer at heart and so she is never at ease in one place for too terribly long. Though, in the winter especially, she may hunker down in one place for a month or two if the area has lots of places to explore. She became the official cartographer because of her desire to travel.

Likes: Traveling, singing, dancing, making friends, and writing her reports/drawing her maps.

Dislikes: Staying put for too long, spiders, rotten apples, and celery.

Character Summary: Kind, friendly Tobiana is a regular joe, except for the fact that she can't seem to find any roots. She wanders the world, exploring all there is to explore. She is bold and confident, but not overly so. Her attitude can usually be described as pleasant, though she has a mean streak if something goes wrong/someone makes her angry. Watch out when you're around her - she often drops her maps and will be very cross with you if you step on them.

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