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One pony, one instrument


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Hellow fellow musicians and musical artists :)

I'm working on quite an ambitious project; i know some ponies won't like it, but ey...each one of us has a project he'd like to do :) Some remix the songs, some sing them along, i decided to do something new.

My project is an "extended" version of the "At the Gala" song. Of course, only instrumental, i can't get extra voices for it, but i'm also working on some lyrics so...if i manage to get it done, if someponies are interested in singing it ;)

Anyway, i'd like to associate an instrument with a pony. I need your opinion on which one would suit which pony best. WIth a more precise focus on:

- The main 6

- Spike

- Celestia

- Derpy

Soooo thanks for your help, if you wanna help. If you don't, well...thanks anyway for reading :)

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Guest RarityUnderground

I would tend to overthink this, so I'll provide you with the first thing that pops into my mind instead.

Twilight- Viola

Rarity- Keyboard

Pinkie Pie- Tuba

Applejack- Percussion (Drums mostly)

Fluttershy- Flute

Rainbow Dash- Electric Guitar

Spike- Bass

Celestia- Harp

Derpy- Vibraslap

I do hope these aided you even a little!

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Celestia: conductor.

Twilight Sparkle: synthesiser castle of epic proportions. No Hammond organ, no electric piano, no arranger keyboards, all synths, samplers, Fairlight etc., mostly classics.

Rarity: violin.

Applejack: banjo.

Rainbow Dash: Fender Stratocaster.

Pinkie Pie: multi-instrumentalist, plays lots of acoustic instruments. If you were to choose one, take the accordion. Second choice would be trombone.

Fluttershy: vocals or flute.

Spike: piano.

Derpy (yes, I can now call her that name): Hammond L-100 tonewheel organ.

Big Macintosh: upright bass, electric bass guitar.

Fleetfoot: drums.

Bluegrass: acoustic guitar. C'mon, it's his cutie mark.

Blues: electric guitar, probably something like a Gibson ES.

Lyra: lyre, harp.

Vinyl Scratch: typical club setup, a bunch of relatively small electronic devices with or without a pair of turntables. Very likely to be in possession of Roland TB-303, TR-808 and TR-909. Not hip-hop enough for an MPC.

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TS: Honk tonk bar room piano, Fender Rhodes piano, and Vox Continental.

R: I'm thinking... violin.

RD: Distortion guitar.

AJ: Bass.

PP Trombone.

FS: Flute.

Spike: Alto Sax.

Celestia: Uhhh... 12 string guitar? *shrug*

Derpy: Hmmmm... harmonica... for some reason...

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