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Red Velvet

Brown Sugar

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Name: Red Velvet

Gender: Female

Age: Young mare

Species: Pegasus

Pelt Color: Coacoa

Mane/Tail Color & Style: Red, short mane with string tied in one part. Tail is long

Eye Color: Purple

Cutie Mark: Bell with red bow

Physique: Slender-Regular

Residence: Ponyville

Occupation: Pet day care

Likes: Working with any and all animals, walking with friends through fields and forests, grabbing a snack to eat with friends which is her favorite break!

Dislikes: Anyone who harms an animal, bees, fishing

Character Summary: Red Velvet is a confidant young mare. She's fairly new to her business, which is basicly an animal day care. If you don't have time to take care of your pets, they're sick and need constant attention, or you're traveling, this is the place to leave them for tender loving care.

Red loves each animal she cares for, even ones with a nasty attitude. She has the gift of being able to soothe any pet like a soothing bell, thus her cutie mark.

Sometimes she does get overwhelmed with too much work and needs to find some help from other ponies. While sweet and loving, don't let her catch you bashing animals or mistreating them and you'll see her real temper come out!


And this is her cutie mark


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