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Musical Bronies? I Got a Song for Ya!


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Hello everypony!

Just recently, I've found myself writing out lyrics to songs. It's an odd habit, I know, but oddly enough I've come up with some clever things once in a while.

Just recently, I wrote out a song that I think would be a hit with the community. My problem, however, is that I don't have an advantages to be able to release a song myself. I don't have software to make music or record, and I lack a good singing voice.

I'm wondering if there are any musical ponies out there who do this regularly, if you would like to pick this song I wrote up. I could PM it to you, E-Mail, etc. I REALLY think this could develop into something great, and I'd love to benefit more than just myself with a song I wrote in about 10 minutes tops... :smirk:

So, all I ask is if any of you musically-talented ponies want to take a look, just reply or PM me. I'll be sitting...waiting...

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