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Sugar Orange

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Oh Oh oh I want him here too x3

Name: Sugar Orange

Gender: Male (with a female body)

Age: Young Adult

Species: Earth Pony

Pelt Color: Blue

Mane/Tail Color & Style: Orange, long and plaited

Eye Color: Green

Cutie Mark: 2 oranges and 2 sugar cubes

Physique: a bit smaller than normally in his age and slim, but strong like applejack, has a girly body

Residence: a small orange grove near the Sweet Apple Acres farm

Occupation: Orange Farmer

Motivation: He loves oranges and his friends.

Likes: Oranges, Apples, Flowers, small and cute Animals, being lazy, cooking and baking

Dislikes: dark and scary places, misbehavior, rudeness, noisy ponies

Character Summary:

Sugar Orange is a very nice and kind pony. Although he has some fears €€œ unreasonable fears €€œ he always fights against them (most time without success). He loves his parents and would never anger them. He loves oranges over everything. He could eat them all day (well he does nearly everyday). He sometimes is kinda lazy and then he lies on the fields and watches the clouds go by.

He often brings his friends oranges and other meals made out of oranges (his cakes are fabulous). He is really shy and so it's hard for him making new friends. When someone wants to speak to him, then they have to do the first step. He'd never go towards unknown people.


thanks a loooot to brown sugar <3


(a friend colored this for me <3)

A little back story:

10 years ago:

It was a nice sunny day over Ponyville. A beautiful mare and a strong stallion are standing in front of a flat and grassy piece of land. 'This will be our new home. Look closely Sugar Orange. Here we will grow oranges and sell them in town.' The small colt standing next to his father looked to his mother and than to the land. 'But where do we live?' he asked and looked to his father. 'Well little man. Of course we will build our house with our own hooves. It will be a nice house. And when we are done with that we start growing oranges.' Sweet Orange started to jump up and down excited. 'Oh Boy. I love oranges. I bet they will be great.' The mare smiles to him and rubs over his mane. 'You can go and play sweetie. We are building the house. We asked our whole family branch to help us. They will arrive soon. So don't go too far away.' The small blue colt couldn't hold himself and gallops off towards the forest. 'Be careful hun. It's dangerous there.' But he already was too far away to hear his mother. He ran as fast as he could. When he came to the forest line he huffs and looked up the trees. 'Uhhhh such a big forest. This will be funny.' With faith in his self he slowly enters the forest. In the mean time the rest of the orange family arrived at the new land near Ponyville. There were so many ponies and grown ups. Some of them brought wood for the house, others brought small orange trees. And yet some others brought fresh food for everypony. They all brought their fillies and colts too and so there were a lot of ponies now on the land. Everypony greeted each other and talked a bit. Around 30 ponies or more were there and after a bit of talking they started work. Meanwhile in the Everfree forest. Sweet Orange was wandering deeper and deeper into the forest. He was humming a tune which floated in his head for some time now. He didn't know where he heard it. But it was nice and calming. So he didn't even notice that he slowly got lost the more he walked into it. Suddenly he stood in a deep wall of fog. How did this happen? All of the sudden there was fog everywhere. 'W...what? O....oh I b..better go back.' He said to himself when suddenly an owl cried. 'EEEEPS' He jumped up, closed his eyes and started running.

When he opened his eyes again he ran towards a scary looking monster. He didn't know that it was just a tree. He just saw that scary thing and directly turned around. But he was surrounded by strange looking monsters. Dark and evil faces looked at him and their arms waved in his direction.

He whimpers and lies himself on the ground. 'H....help me....' He started crying and sobbing. He doesn't know how long he was lying there but suddenly something came to his ears. 'Suuuugar...' In some distance he could hear somepony shouting for him. He raised his head and looked around. But instead of of the one shouting he only saw those scary faces again. Directly he lowered his head again and held his hooves in front of his eyes. 'H.....Here! I'm here!' He shouted with a scared undertone. 'WHAT are you doing here?' Somepony asks in front of him. Sugar Orange lifted his head and saw into the darkness of a black hoodie. He eeped and covered his face once again. 'Oh don't be scared little colt. You shouldn't run off into the Everfree forest all by yourself. Here live dangerous creatures who just love to gobble up such a cute little colt like you.' Sugar lifted his head and took a closer look at the creature in front of him. It was a zebra pony. He never saw anypony like her before. He heard of them, living in the warmer regions of Equestria. But he didn't know that there was such a pony in or better near Ponyville. 'W....who are you?' He asked an still is a bit scared. 'I am Zecora. I live in the Everfree forest. I think your people are searching for you.' She pointed her hoof to the opposite direction. 'B...but if I go there I may get lost again....' Zecora smiles and holds her hoof in front of Sugar. 'I bring you to them. Don't worry I know this forest like my home.' He took the hoof and stood up slowly. He still was shaking but he was a bit more calm then before. Slowly the both of them trots off towards the voices which were still shouting and searching for the little colt. After some minutes €€œ really scary minutes €€œ the shouting grew louder. 'Here I am.' Sugar shouted and started to run alone out of the fog. Behind him Zecora disappeared in the fog smiling. 'Sugar? Is that you?' His mother was standing there and looking for him. 'Ma'!'

He shouted and sprinted towards her. She turned around and spotted her son. 'Sugar! There you are!' She had a tear in her eyes but she seems happy. Sugar slowed down before her and cuddled her head against his mothers. 'I was so scared... there were monsters and... and and shadows and creepy things. B...but a zebra pony found me and brought me here. And here I found you.' He cried and whined. Tears were running down his cheeks and he cuddled close to his mother. 'There there sweetie. Lets go home. The others already finished work. Because we were so many, it was done really quick. I was worried when the sun went down. So I went looking for you. I'm glad you are fine. This forest is dangerous. But you ran of too fast I couldn't tell you. Lets head home little sweetie.' Sweet Orange nodded and they both trot off out of the forest. They didn't notice that they were watched by a pair of eyes which belong to a zebra pony. It disappeared again in the forest and was never seen again by Sugar Orange. It was already dark and the moon was shining. They come to the new build farm. Some orange trees were planted already and on a field where nothing was is now standing a big house. It's not completely ready but a pony could live in it very good. 'Wow. You did this all in one day? This is amazing.' His mother smiled and nodded. 'Yes indeed. With the help of everypony we have nearly completed it. Just some minor things to do but we can handle that alone. But guess what? I bet your father already prepared dinner. Today we have noodles with orange sauce. Your favorite.' He really was happy. But this experience made deep scars in his soul. From now on he will be known as a very easily scared and shy pony.

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Ok, he's looking good. Instead of it being an orange farm though, since it's smaller, you could call it a "grove" just a lil cute nook of a hand full of orange trees he personally farms. :( I think that would be so cute for him! But then again just extra feed back. Approved!

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