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[ Pony Related Character ]

Name: Smoggy

Gender: Male

Age: Stallion

Species: Earth Pony

Pelt Color: Deep Green

Mane/Tail Color & Style: Unkept Dirty Blonde

Eye Color: Brown

Cutie Mark: A Biohazard Symbol

Physique: An out of doors manual labour job keeps Smoggy in reasonably good health and strength, however an unhealthy diet and leisurely lifestyle ensure he won't be entering rodeos anytime soon.

Residence: The rubbish tip, far removed from ponyville or any other town for the sake of any resident's sense of smell.

Occupation: Dustbin Collector Pony.

Motivation: Being unafraid to get one's hooves muddy is an odd talent; but when you are most at home in dirt and muck, and when you have yet to encounter a smell foul enough to make even a single nostril hair quiver; a life spent dealing with all the dirt no other pony wants to is right up your alley. Smoggy endears to maintain routine in his life; he enjoys the privacy of the vast tip he calls home, and thanks to his limited, elusive daily contact with the residents of ponyville; this shy pony can pick and choose when to be alone and when to be sociable.

Likes: Sifting through rubbish for disregarded treasures, Piling rubbish into sculpture like towers, using rubbish as fertiliser; he tends his own miniature allotment within the tip, and the occasional sense of gratitude he catches from the residents of Ponyville. When feeling as free as he can from inhibition, he enjoys getting smashed on Apple Cider with his friend; Sooty.

Dislikes: Smoggy is avoidant, he is afraid of any potential changes in his daily routine; such as social gatherings and even venturing into town to shop. He does not appreciate visitors to the tip, even if it is a public place; he holds special contempt for adventurous young colts and fillies who sneak into the tip, running across his gardens and climbing his towers of rubbish.

Character Summary: Smoggy is a shy, solitary pony who when pressed would say he only enjoys the company of one other pony; his self adopted elder brother Sooty. While he strives for privacy, he maintains a friendly rapport with the residents of ponyville. However, his perception of hospitality differs somewhat from the actual residents'. While they are happy to smile and wave to the scruffy pony towing his cart of dustbin bags and junk, they prefer him at arms length; partly due to the smell in his wake and mostly from the rumours and gossip surrounding "That odd pony that lives alone out in the junkyard with that Thief friend of his". Smoggy has never seen the extent of trepidation that surrounds his character with the exception of fillies who, when their bravery is questioned; dare to enter the junkyard at night and unsuccessfully sneak as close as they can to his wagon and catch a peek at the sleeping brute within. Smoggy lives on a fine line between valid civil servant and weird recluse, as long as the streets of ponyville stay clean; his routine will remain intact.

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