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[ Pony Related Character ]

Name: Sooty

Gender: Male

Age: Stallion

Species: Earth Pony

Pelt Color: Charcoal Grey

Mane/Tail Color & Style: Black, short and wirey

Eye Color: Blue

Cutie Mark: A Brush

Physique: Slender, trim and athletic

Residence: His caravan wagon, kept at the rubbish tip at night

Occupation: Door to Door Chimney Sweep, window cleaner, shiner, polisher, handyman.

Motivation: Sooty's a stickler for cleanliness. It does not occupy him obsessively, but he can make anything fit to eat off or shine anything to see your face in. What really motivates Sooty are money and mares, and what better way to get both than to be a travelling chimney sweep? No dreams of grandeur sweep up this pony's imagination, all he desires is luxury, romance, and the money required to do obtain both.

Likes: Sooty preys on other Ponies for financial and social advancement. He will happily clean an old mare's chimney and wipe her windows down for free; if it guarantees him a smile and a tray of biscuits from her pretty young daughter/niece in gratitude. He enjoys the small town mindset of Ponyville residents; unable to break their polite demeanour and refuse the advances of an assertive chimney sweep at their door insisting that their chimney is absolutely filthy. Cleaning is not just a means to an end for Sooty, he really does have a passion for it; he takes great satisfaction from dusting out entire chimneys to finely pruning the many heads of his brushes.

Sooty is not an entirely uncharitable pony, he is persistently trying to pull his younger adopted sibling; Smoggy out of his reclusive lifestyle. He spends a lot of his money taking Smoggy into town for nights of fun and decadence, trying to pair the shy pony off with some giggling filly. He isn't a saint entirely; sometimes he'll use Smoggy to play himself off to mares as the caring older brother type if it's endearing to them, other times he can ditch his brother entirely to chase some mezmerizing flank. Despite his flaws; Sooty really does love his adopted little brother.

Dislikes: Sooty is a very positive, culturally consuming pony. There is not much he doesn't enjoy apart from things that get in the way of his goals. Older mares who are wise to his smooth talking aggressive salesmanship, other businessmen are a paticular problem in this regard. Appropriately, he is not welcome anywhere near sweet apple acres; or in Applejack's sight ever again after the scam he tried to pull on Granny Smith. Such is the life of the salesman, and it is never enough to keep him down or break his persistence.

Being a much more sociable pony than his adopted brother, he is well known around ponyville. Using gossip as a tool for sweet talking mares, he is well aware of the reputation he and Smoggy have received. It's origins stemming mostly from his own rascally behaviour, it doesn't bother him at all. But he is quick to lose his temper whenever his adopted little brother is spoken of poorly, or laughed at by little foals. He believes the perception the town has of Smoggy is entirely undeserved and wishes better for his adopted brother.

Character Summary: Sooty grew up in the city of Fillydelphia in a large family. School was not a priority for him and his many siblings, instead they spent most of their time on the streets; putting food on the table in whatever way they could. Sooty was no stranger to petty theft, he experienced some of the darker parts of city living. A life surrounded by crime as a neccessity taught the young pony how to talk fast, exploit weaknesses, charm women, and close deals. Crime never attracted Sooty as much as other colts and fillies, to him it was a means to an end. As a foal it was to support his mother and his siblings, as a colt he found ways to make money without needing to resort to theft. He could convince any stallion their shoes needed shining, a friendly rapport with the local shopkeepers guaranteed he'd always have windows to clean and a constant supply of coin.

Sooty was an early bloomer, his cutie mark was no surprise to any of his siblings; he was the best shoe shiner, window cleaner and chimney sweep on his street. A childhood of running from constables and angry fathers kept him trim enough to scale rooftops and chimneys with ease, combined with his quick witted charisma; this pony was set for life, until he found an abandoned foal outside his local inn.

The little green pony was all alone, shivering and too shy to talk. Being a family orientated colt; his first instinct was to take the little bundle of dirt and tears home to his mother. The orphan was quickly accepted into the family, but it would be years before he had earnt the respect of his adopted siblings. Sooty took it upon himself to teach the little foal how to shine, how to sweep, how pick a pocket and how to talk your way into a sale. The little foal struggled with this lifestyle, he was too quiet for the street urchin life; if he had not Sooty to watch over him, he wouldn't have lasted a month on the street.

The growing foal did excel in one area though, cleaning. He took after his guardian angel with enthusiasm; Sooty only ever saw the foal smile when he was wiping down windows or pushing a brush down someone's chimney. Up on the rooftops, away from the fast paced bustle of the streets; the foal really came out of his shell and excelled as a sweep's assistant. While other sweeps would cough and splutter after minutes down a chimney, the little green foal could stand in the clouds of soot and breathe deeply and so, Sooty named him; "Smoggy".

Growing up together, the two colts were inseperable. Despite their huge character differences; they were happiest when together. Smoggy enjoyed the acceptance and pride his older brother had in him, and Sooty found a cute little assistant sweep was an even better way to charm his way into the house of pretty young fillies and make some coin while he was at it.

Times changed, so did the street. A large family became few, a loving elderly mother passed away and a home dissapeared over night. Sooty and Smoggy pooled their earnings, bought a wagon to live in and bid Fillydelphia goodbye; off to seek their life's content elsewhere, after a long journey; Sooty found himself talking a certain grey haired mayor into giving his younger brother a deed to an abandoned lot in exchange for work as Ponyville's garbage pony. Sooty was anxious at first, a small town didn't offer pubs, clubs, or wild parties. But he would soon discover they had something else; rubes.

NB; Oh god I am sorry that these are so long what is wrong with me.

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Nah no worries. Logs are just where you post a thread [HERE] and to help keep a quick reference on you and your characters. If you need to find them really fast you normally keep links of what RP threads they're in on your log, or fans who like your characters can follow their every post in some creepy stalker way. Here's mine for an example. It's just a quick-ref.

You don't necessarily need a log though, you can just jump right into any RP you see open or start your own!

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